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Statutory Compliance

Ensure that your GST and tax submissions to the IRAS/RMCD are accurate

Deskera Financials maintains all the tax codes for purchase and supply as prescribed by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). It allows users to check, edit and select the correct GST for every purchase and supply transaction. It guarantees that users manage their periodic audit process with the IRAS, professionally and with ease.

Deskera ERP - Statutory Compliance - Tax Invoice generation

Singapore GST

Deskera Financials cover all the mandatory documents related to GST as recommended by the IRAS. Users can generate tax invoices, credit/debit notes as per the guidelines set by the IRAS. Deskera Financials enable users to generate IAF files with all the essential information of purchase, supply and GL transactions required by the IRAS.

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Deskera ERP - Statutory Compliance - Malaysian GST compliant documents

Malaysian GST

Deskera ERP is adequate to prepare your tax invoice (output tax), record tax on purchases (input tax) and produce GST tax return (GST-03 form) with ease. It covers all the regulatory rules set by the RMCD such as bad debt adjustment, 21 days rule, import of goods, advances, GST on self-billing, generation of GST 03 and capital goods adjustment. It provides the auditor with adequate audit trailsto perceive the flow of events and to recreate the events, if required.

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Deskera ERP Statutory Compliance

New eBook – 10 Compliance Tips for SME Bosses

10 Compliance Tips for SME Bosses

This eBook describes some of the benefits for SME bosses when adopting good compliance discipline in Singapore such as the GST changes, CPF contribution, and Manpower quota.

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