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ERP for Aviation Industry

ERP for Aviation Industry

As one of the most regulated industry, the precision that the aviation industry needs to follow is no doubt very high. While there is enough for the aviation sector to worry about, with the growing competition, the players need to be ready with multiple information anytime. They need to know and track their inventory, customer data and preferences, refund details, transactions etc. along with making sure that they are in line with the regulatory bodies.

It is essential for the aviation industry to streamline processes to reduce their operational costs. Reduction in operational costs will help reduce the airfare and as an end result benefit the customer. ERP helps growing aviation sectors integrate electronic data interchange and quality. Implementing ERP for managing the entire process gives the management effective control over industrial and financial activities as the aviation industry demands timely and accurate decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

There are a large number of applications available in the software market which automates operations and assists in the reduction of overhead costs. The Aircraft on Ground (AOG) can be reduced and thus profits can be increased. ERP for aviation provides the following benefits –

Automated Process

ERP for aviation helps to prevent duplication of work and irrelevancy, thereby improving productivity. Automated processes through ERP for aviation offers the following advantages:

  • ERP facilitates controlling of the key business activities such as maintenance, operation and cost – all through a single unified system.
  • ERP assists in dealing with the constant changes in configuration and different maintenance ideas required to complete a mission successfully.
  • It ensures high standards of fleet dependability and airworthiness status.
  • Inventory levels can be checked and procurement can be done at optimum levels with the help of ERP for aviation industry.
  • ERP is compatible on mobile devices and thus gives users the flexibility to access the software while on the go.
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Improved Visibility and Control across Departments

The labor costs, material costs, operations management etc. have to be looked at with great caution so as to prevent them spiraling out of control. In such circumstances, an elaborate view of the operations across every department is required. The unified information accessed across all the departments help in accurate decision making. ERP offers the following advantages for aviation:

  • ERP for aviation provides a comprehensive view of the operations across different departments and helps to spot any irregularities occurring in the operations and thus efforts can be made to quickly fix them.
  • ERP is dynamic in nature and is compatible with a wide range of portable devices that help in flexibility and ease of access from anywhere.

Multi-currency Accounting

Aviation industry is spread all over the world and there are multiple currencies involved. All organizations cannot afford to have different plugins for different currencies. ERP enables the user to record multi-currency transactions, which gives flexibility to carry out global transactions on the go. Multi-currency accounting offers the following advantages for aviation:
  • ERP streamlines foreign currency cash flow management.
  • It enables to consolidate foreign and domestic accounts.
  • ERP helps to reduce the risk of potential losses due to timing differences between incoming and outgoing foreign currency flows.
  • It eliminates the need for opening accounts with foreign banks.
  • Provides option for doing global transactions through one software.

Data Security

ERP is completely trustworthy as the data in it is completely secure. Different user levels can be set to keep confidential data visible based on permission. ERP for aviation offers the following data security advantages:
  • Use of standard security enabled data storage formats and data exchange protocols ensure widest possible interoperability.
  • It doesn’t make you work overly hard on your data security maintenance.
  • ERP uses a single data protection infrastructure across the entire data environment.
  • The aviation industry can detect potential threats based on relative changes.

A need for an all-in-one-solution which makes this fast paced and highly compliant industry is very obvious. ERP enables the aviation industry to streamline intense activities while providing the best customer service and automatically maintaining cost, quality and profitability.

Benefits of cloud business software

  • Productivity
  • Implementation
  • Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Security

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