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Improve your conversions with beautiful lead forms that you can share or embed anywhere on your website. Capture leads in your CRM and nurture them with automated email campaigns.

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Attract Leads From Multiple Sources
Leads come from multiple checkpoints, and it’s important not to rely only on a single checkpoint. With Deskera CRM Plus, you can attract leads by sharing your form or embedding it in landing pages, chatbots, and email campaigns.

Record as many leads as contacts without any restrictions.

More leads, more conversions!
Beautiful Form Templates & Custom Fields
A good lead form experience involves beautiful designs and the flexibility to add custom fields.

With Deskera CRM Plus, choose from the various premade beautiful form templates or create your own templates according to your brand’s design.

Whether it is a text field or a dropdown, you can add custom fields the way you want.
Classify Leads and Send Automated Email Campaigns
Gone are the days when you had to segment and send emails manually.

The intelligent segmentation feature in Deskera CRM Plus makes it easy for you to segment your leads automatically based on form submissions.

Create as many segments as you like, and send automated email campaigns to each one of them. Build and grow your target list smartly.
Optimize Your Forms with Analytics
When different team members create various google forms (or other forms), it is hard to keep track of them as they are all scattered in different folders. Further, you don’t know how many people visited your form link except the ones who submitted.

With Deskera, keep all your forms in one place and view visitor analytics to optimize your forms.
Automate Sales & Marketing with Deskera CRM
Capture more leads with email blasts and no-code landing pages. Close deals faster with sales automation & provide world-class customer support with email and chat helpdesk.

Get detailed analytics to make better business decisions. Automate repetitive manual tasks.
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Better Lead Forms, Better Conversions
✓ Create Beautiful Form Templates
✓ Add Custom Form Fields
✓ Share Form Page Links
✓ Embed Form Pages on Landing Pages
✓ Automated Lead Segmentation
✓ Automated Email Campaigns
✓ Visitor Analytic
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I embed a form on my landing page?
When publishing a form, you can view the code script at the bottom of the page. Copy and add this code to your website to start getting submissions from your visitors. After submitting the form, you can view the visitor’s details in your contact module.
Where can I view the number of visitors who have submitted the form?
To track the form submission, go to Form Module. You can view the number of visitors and the number of clicks performed on this page.
How can I assign a lead to a sales rep?
When setting a contact’s profile, you can immediately assign a sales rep to take charge of this account. Assign the correct sales rep under the ‘owner’ field when creating a contact.
How can I create a new segment?
Go to Segments/Lists on the sidebar menu. Click on the “Add New Segment” button. A pop-up box will appear. Enter the segment name and choose the label color.
How can I view a lead’s profile?
To view a lead’s profile, go to the contact module. Open the profile. You can view the lead’s personal information, emails in a chronological timeline, deals, tickets, activities, notes, and activity log.
How can I segment the visitors that have submitted the form?
Click on the form button on the right-hand side panel during form creation. Next, click on the form directly on the template and select the edit icon. Please choose the right segment to which the lead will flow once the form is submitted.

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