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Create beautiful, personalized marketing emails for your audience.

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Simple, powerful email marketing tool
to create conversion-oriented campaigns

Engage your audience and generate more leads with professional email marketing campaigns


Get more leads with email campaigns

Setting up email marketing campaigns has never been easier. Use our step-by-step method to import or create lists, segment customers, select or create a template. Then just publish and hit send.
Generate more leads and keep your subscribers engaged. Schedule your conversion-oriented email campaigns whenever you want. Get detailed reports on open rates and click-through parameters.

Create conversion-oriented campaigns

Import email lists or create one with existing CRM contacts. Create a beautiful and conversion-oriented email marketing campaign with our gorgeous email templates.
Schedule your campaign and measure success with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through rates. You can use the email campaign tool to generate more leads, keep your subscribers engaged, share important updates, or upsell your products.

Create beautiful, personalized emails

Quickly create beautiful and professional email templates that show perfectly across all devices.

Select any one of our email templates or create an email template from scratch. Make it your own by customizing the layout, modify content, colors, and add your logo to reflect your brand.

Get inspired with free professionally-designed email templates. Use dynamic fields to send personalized emails based on your contact’s data.

Get real-time insights on email campaign performance

Monitor your email campaign performance with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through rates.

Measure the results of your email campaigns to understand if your content is making an impact. Find out which email templates are performing well and those that don’t by viewing the open and click-through rates.

Awesome email marketing features for your business

Simple and intuitive interface that requires minimal training
Create professional email templates
Create segments and send personalized emails
Schedule emails to go out at a specific date and time
Free predesigned email templates for your business
Create responsive email designs that look perfect across all devices
Monitor your open rates and click-through rates.

Improve Your Productivity

You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera. Sign up today to see the difference.

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