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Ideal for startups. Add contacts, close deals, and build sales pipelines.
$ 9.00
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Plan includes
✓ Add contacts and deals
✓ Manage all sales conversation
✓ Create your own sales pipelines
✓ Track sales activities
✓ Add free users
✓ Run Email Marketing campaigns
✓ Email & chat support
✓ Access to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy
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Ideal for growing businesses and SMBs. Get the power of custom fields.
$ 19.00
per user, per month
Plan includes
✓ Add contacts and deals
✓ Manage all sales conversation
✓ Create your sales pipelines
✓ Track sales activities
✓ Run email campaigns
✓ Add free users
✓ Custom Fields
✓ Email & chat support
✓ Access to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy
For email marketing at scale. This plan allows you to expand your contact list and the number of emails sent.
$ 29.00
per user, per month
Plan includes
✓ Add contacts and deals
✓ Manage all sales conversation
✓ Create your sales pipelines
✓ Track sales activities
✓ Run email campaigns
✓ Setup your personalized helpdesk
✓ Add free users
✓ Email & chat support
✓ Email & chat support
✓ Access to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy


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Sagar Mondal
I'm CEO of a digital marketing agency based out of India having a team of around 30 people and for me it used to be very difficult to manage and pay for different softwares for CRM, HRM, Books etc. Then I got to know about Deskera.

After watching 3 webinars and 7 days of trial finally I bought Deskera. And after using it for a few days I r...
Najihah Faisal
Hello there!

My business life had been so wonderful these days when I finally found the best wonderful software, Deskera!

It 's really a perfect choice for me for it helps me to easily manage my company account in no time and just in one click due to the software brilliant functions. Deskera is Superb!
Steve Pinckney
Hello everyone. New Deskera user here. My company, Conceptia, is a Management Consultancy based in Houston, Texas. I offer change management consulting and coaching services to oil and gas companies. I'm a long time Quickbooks user that has been wanting to leave them but could not find anything even remotely comparable to them until now! I think...
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Dynamic and Interactive Dashboard

Dashboard plays an essential tool for you to analyze and measure the entire sales operations and performance at a glance.

Deskera CRM Dashboard allows you to access deals reports, contact reports, and newly created activities in real-time. Quickly analyze your sales performance and act on your shortfall.

Have your data at your fingertips, at all times. Make faster, better business decision!

More Sales, Less Data Entry

The greatest productivity-killer is wasting time doing manual data entry that hinders your ability to close deals faster.

Keep your manual tasks to the minimum. Deskera CRM will auto-populate most of the information for you. Speed up your sales processes with the power of automation.

Keep an Eye on Your Deals at All Time

Are you having trouble tracking your deals?

Deskera CRM's pipeline management gives you a complete view of your contact's data and deals information, which enables your team to work productively to close more deals faster.

Utilize the sales pipeline feature and start tracking each deal using the sales pipeline available. Effectively track the journey of each deal from the start until the end of the pipeline.

Customize Your Ideal Sales Pipelines

When choosing CRM software, one of the criteria lies in its ability to create customized sales pipelines that suit your business process.

The sales process differs for every company. In Deskera CRM software, you have the option to create multiple sales pipelines as per your sales workflow.

Start designing your sales pipeline with us.

Identify Sales Opportunity Quickly

A visual sales pipeline allows you to identify arising sales opportunities at a glance. Your sales reps can quickly seize the opportunity by contacting each deal that has entered the sales pipeline.

Seizing the opportunity at the right time helps to close deals faster and boost overall sales revenue. Improve your bottom line by using pipeline management in Deskera CRM software.

Greater Insight Into Your Team Performances

Keep an eye on your sales target. There's where your revenue lies.

In Deskera CRM software, sales managers can efficiently track each individual's performance based on the sales pipeline. Gain better clarity of each member's work progress at all time.

Encourage the underperform members to work harder toward sales target. And, at the same time, reward the overachievers generously.
Level-up Your Deal Management with Deskera CRM
✓ Create deals with just a click of a button
✓ Track your deals effectively along the sales pipeline
✓ Identify deals that need the utmost attention
✓ Know your deals' worth
✓ Quickly move your deals along the pipelines
Boost your productivity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mark my deal mark as won to lost?
Certainly. You can contextual menu and select the change pipeline button. You can move the deal to closed lost to change the deal's status.
Can I edit the deals?
You can always edit the information on each deal.
What are the mandatory fields to fill in when saving a deal?
The deal's name and contact's name are the compulsory fields to fill in when saving a deal. The rest are optional.
How can I move a deal from one stage to another?
If you are viewing the sales pipeline in Kanban layout, you can use the drag and drop feature to move the deal card from one stage to another.
Can I change the visibility of the deal?
Sure. You can change the visibility of the deal, from Private, Team, to Everyone.

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