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Build sales funnels and take your visitors step-by-step through your online sales process to maximize your sales without losing opportunities.

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Build Beautiful Landing Pages

Use the simple drag & drop editor to build landing pages. You can make beautiful and responsive landing pages in minutes without coding.

You can leverage one of the high-performing built-in templates or create your own. Map the pages to your desired domain and track conversions by adding your tracking scripts.

Capture Sales Leads through Forms

Create and reuse forms at any stage of the funnel to capture leads. Just select a template, add fields, save the form, and you are all set!

Further, you can segment the leads captured to have a clean & clear view of all your contacts.

Customize your form with built-in fields or create your field based on types such as text, number, date and more.

You can also redirect visitors to your desired URL once the form is submitted.

Optimize Funnels with Visitor Insights

A process is not perfect if you don’t optimize it. To optimize it, you need to measure every part of the process.

Deskera allows you to measure the results of your funnel such as visitors, clicks and leads so that you can identify what’s working and what’s not. Later, you can take action to optimize your funnel.

Choose High-Performance Funnel Templates

Select from a plethora of funnel templates based on your business goals and save the efforts to build the funnel from scratch.

The funnel templates are already conversion optimized and used by big brands, so you can directly take the ideas from their book if you need inspiration.

Tweak Sales Funnels As Per Your Business

You may want your visitors to go through layered content so that they can trust your brand. For example, once the visitor goes through “why your solution is best for him”, you may want to show him the sales page with all the details to convince him.

Deskera helps you create the desired funnel flow to achieve your business objectives. Add or delete sales funnel steps at a click of a button.
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Build Conversion Funnels, Maximize Sales
✓ Customize funnel steps as per your sales process
✓ Build landing pages using Drag & Drop editor
✓ Add lead forms to capture visitor information
✓ Embed third-party scripts and track conversions
✓ Add a custom domain to your pages
✓ Choose from pre-built funnel templates
✓ Collaborate with your team
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make landing pages in the funnel fully responsive?
Yes, all the page components load fine on all devices.
Is there a limit to the number of pages in a funnel?
No, you can add as many pages as you want. But ideally, you wouldn’t want your visitors to go through many steps. It drastically increases visitor dropout.
How many funnels can I create in my account?
Can you handle the traffic load?
Whether you send 100 visitors or 100,000+ today, Deskera won’t slow down in any way. We run on the world’s largest public cloud cluster (AWS).
Can I collaborate with my team?
Yes, you can publish your funnel and share it with your team to collaborate. You can even manage role-access permissions.

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