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Kickoff Automation with Triggers

A Trigger is the first step of any automation process. When your visitor submits a form or adds a new contact, it triggers a series of activities based on your business. Maybe, you want to follow up with an email or add the contact as a sales lead.

Just configure the trigger in the Deskera system, and whenever it triggers, the automation starts.

Simplify Operations with Sales Automation

Every time you receive a lead on the website, your sales team fetches it and add it as a deal in the CRM software. Whenever a new sales deal is added, you would want to assign it to the concerned sales rep.

But why do all these steps manually when you can automate it all. Deskera helps you achieve just that and saves hundreds of hours.

Email Marketing on Steroids with Sequences

When a visitor signs up or fills up a form on the website, you should follow up and send value-packed emails until the person trusts your brand.

But you don’t want to dedicate a human resource sitting and doing all the work. The best solution is to automate the whole email sequence and wait for the replies for manual intervention.

Build this automation in minutes with Deskera.

Select the Right Conditions to Trigger

You want to trigger automation but only for specific instances, such as when the field value is equal/greater/lesser to something or string matches a text or something else.

No worries, set up the right conditions while configuring the automation and automation triggers only when it meets the trigger conditions.

Provide Time Delay in Your Automation Flow

Give a break between automation sequences so that you can imitate a real-world scenario.

For example - After your first email, you want to send a second email after a gap of 3 days, then the third email after a gap of 4 days.

With Deskera, it is super easy to set up periods between automation steps.

Manage All Automations at One Place

Have a clear view of all the automations of your business in one place. Run or stop any of the automations at a click of a button.

View which automation is running or inactive. Also, you can view the last run date and last modified date of the automation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many automations can I build?
There are no limits to the number of automations you can build
How can I know whether automation is running or not?
You can view the status of the automation in the dashboard.
Are automations limited to Deskera apps, or I can use third-party apps too?
You can sync only Deskera apps and their data together.
Is there a time delay when the automation is triggered?
Triggers are based on events, and the automation triggers when the event happens.

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