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Better Order Fulfillment with Pick-Pack-Ship

A successful business needs an efficient order fulfillment process. Deskera allows you to build an awesome in-house process to cater to your specific needs.

With Pick-Pack-Ship, you can now pick products from the warehouse efficiently, pack them in the carton appropriately, and ship them out promptly.

Fulfill Your Order Efficiently with Picking List

Spending a large amount of time to determine which warehouse has sufficient stock for your order? Well, don't!

Deskera will notify you which warehouse has sufficient stock, and you can generate the picking list for your orders in seconds. Free up your time for more important and pressing matters.

Scan Products’ Barcodes on the Go

Entering the barcode of each product is frustrating. Deskera Mobile App will help you to solve just that!

Scan your products with a smartphone to pick them up from the warehouses in seconds. Click on the 'Barcode' icon with Black and White Parallel Lines and watch the magic happens.

Pack Your Products in the Appropriate Packaging

Packing products appropriately is paramount in keeping your products safe during delivery and avoiding items misplaced.
Each product has a unique need for its packaging in terms of parcel size and cushioning material. With Deskera, you have the flexibility to configure different types of cartons and define the number of items per carton.

Configure Your Shipping Setup the Way You Want

Companies have very different needs for their shipping setups depends on the nature of their business and products.

Choose your suitable delivery options: courier, pickup, and dropoff. Select your carrier for each parcel and keep track of their delivery status in real-time.

Easily Track Delivery Status with FedEx and USPS

Tracking your delivery status in real-time plays a crucial part in ensuring the products can reach your customers promptly.
Go to the 'Apps' tab on the sidebar menu and connect to FedEx or USPS in just a few clicks. You can now track the status of the delivery based on the tracking number and update your clients in real-time.

Manage Pick-Pack-Ship on the Go

It can be frustrating if you have to use your laptop each time you use Pick-Pack-Ship, especially when you are out meeting with clients.

Deskera Mobile App will help you to solve just that by allowing you to pick products, pack them into cartons, and ship them out on the go. You can access and manage Pick-Pack-Ship in real-time across all devices: PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones.
Awesome Pick-Pack-Ship System for Your Business
✓ Generate picking list in seconds
✓ Scan products’ barcodes with Deskera Mobile App
✓ Pack products into cartons of different sizes
✓ Arrange shipment the way you want
✓ Tracking delivery status in real-time
✓ Keep customers happy with on-time delivery
Boost your productivity
You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera. Sign up today to see the difference

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pick-Pack-Ship?
Pick-Pack-Ship describes the in-house order fulfillment process of picking products within a warehouse, packing them in the appropriate packaging, and shipping them out promptly.
Can I proceed to pick my products if there is insufficient stock?
No, you cannot proceed to pick your products if there is insufficient stock. The quotes or invoices will remain in the pending tab. Under the quantity column, the status will be marked as insufficient.
Can I pack my products in multiple cartons?
Yes, you can choose to pack their products into multiple cartons. In the Packing List, for the first cartoon, you can decide how many products to allocate in the carton. Tick on the checkbox under the packed column and click on the 'add new carton' button to add additional carton to fill the remaining unpacked products.
Can I Scan The Barcode of The Products When Picking in Deskera Mobile App?
Yes, you can scan the barcode of their products when picking the goods. On the Deskera Mobile App main dashboard, tap on the Pick Module. Tap on the Pick button for the products you wish to proceed to pick.
How do I fulfill my quote or invoice via Pick-Pack-Ship?
Click on the quote or invoice that you wish to fulfill and select the ‘Fulfill’ button on the right-hand side of the page. After that, select the ‘Pick, Pack and Ship’ button to push the documents to the ‘Pending’ column in Pick, Pack Ship Module. Then, go to the Pick-Pack-Ship module on the sidebar menu to start picking up your items.
How can I use Pick-Pack-Ship on mobile app?
Click on the Pick module available under the Business section in the Deskera Mobile App. Under the Pending list, you can view all the quotes and invoices that you wish to fulfill. You can select a record and start to generate Picking List.
Can I track my delivery status in real-time?
Yes, you can track the status of your delivery in real-time based on the tracking number. You need to first connect to FedEx or USPS. Just go to the 'Apps' tab on the sidebar menu and select connect to FedEx or USPS.

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