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Receive Faster Payments. Enable Better Cashflow.

Send invoices with an integrated payment link and give your customers an easier way to pay. Connect all popular payment methods with Deskera invoices and start collecting payments.

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Give Customers Easier Way To Clear Due Invoices
Neither the customer needs to ask, nor should you send bank details for online transfers anymore. Just attach everything with your invoice. Easier access for customers. Faster payments for you.

Set up your invoice to have payment links by connecting your payment methods with Deskera. Deskera automatically inserts a link with the invoice and provides an easy way for your customers to click, pay and clear the due invoice.
Multiple Payment Methods For Your Customers
Be flexible with your customer’s preference and provide all the possible payment options.

Deskera allows you to integrate with all popular payment methods, including Stripe, Paypal, Wise, Veem, Cashfree, PayTM, etc.

You can also start accepting bitcoins for your invoices with an opennode account.
Collect Payments In Your Currency
Running a global business could be tricky, especially if you have to collect payments in different currencies. Deskera makes it easy to collect payments from around the world.

Just set up the exchange rates for currencies or auto-update FX rates. You can always provide accurate pricing and keep your books organized no matter where your customer is.
Send Payment Reminders For Unpaid Invoices
Gone are the days when you have to keep reminding your customers to pay up with multiple emails. It takes up a lot of your time. Now you can save all that with automatic payment reminders.

Your payment reminders will continue for your due invoices, and once the customer pays up, the payment reminders stop. Smooth right?
Update Your Books Automatically
You don’t have to tell your accounting system every time you get paid. Deskera updates your books automatically once the customer makes the payment.

The customer makes the payment, payment arrives in your bank, Deskera matches the transaction with your invoice, the invoice is marked as paid, and your account receivables are updated (and all the financial statements too). Everything automated. Easy peasy.
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Satisfaction. Delivered
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Automate Payments for Your Business
✓ Send payment links with your invoices
✓ Give all the payment options to your customers
✓ Connect PayPal, Veem, Wise, Stripe, Cashfree, Paytm, and more
✓ Accept bitcoin through opennode
✓ Send automatic payment reminders
✓ Update your books automatically after payments
Boost your productivity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deskera notify me that I need to place a backorder?
Yes. At the time when you save the quote or the invoice, the system will prompt you that you do not have enough stock and that if you wish to place a backorder.
Can I choose which vendor/supplier to select for the backorder?
Yes. Not only can you choose the vendor/supplier, but you can also change the quantity and the price.
How will I know my sales order is ready to be fulfilled after creating a backorder?
The system will send you an email when the purchase order quantity is received.
Can I send goods directly to the customer from the supplier if I don't have the stock?
Yes. Use dropship processing instead. The link below is to the dropship process in Deskera Care.

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