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Simplify your global transactions with real-time currency exchange rates and forex gain/loss updates. Maintain price lists in multiple currencies with Deskera Books.

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Buy/Sell with Real-time Currency Rates

Do you find it annoying to manually convert your local currency into a foreign currency every time you sell to or buy from international customers or suppliers? Currency fluctuation is an accounting headache, isn’t it?

Don’t worry; Deskera Books syncs with live currency exchange rates automatically. So goodbye to calculators and excel sheets.

Faster & Accurate Accounting for Forex Gain/Loss

Accounting for import-export transactions is difficult when your invoicing and payment amount differ due to currency fluctuations. You must manually add that forex gain or loss in your books for accurate accounting.

With Deskera, you don’t have to worry about such updates. It automatically detects currency gain/loss and appropriately adds that to your accounting records and reports.

Deal With Customers in Any Part of the World

You may be located in the USA, Russia, India, Singapore, or any part of the world, but you can do business globally without worries.

Deskera has in-built support for all currencies of the world. Choose one as your base currency and start making transactions around the globe.

Auto-Select Currency for Your Contacts

With Deskera, choosing a currency for your contact (customer or vendor) is easy.

Every time you transact with the contact, Deskera automatically fetches the correct currency applicable for the contact. No need to mention it while creating your invoices or bills.

Make Price Lists for Multiple Countries

Customers in different countries require differential pricing as per their needs. Similarly, your suppliers may provide you with goods in different foreign currencies.

Deskera helps you make reusable price lists for your offerings in different currencies so that your whole team can use them and buy/sell confidently.

Effortless & Quick Setup

Select a base currency for your location and activate all the currencies you want to deal in. Deskera takes care of the rest.

You can auto-update currencies as per the live exchange rate or choose a frequency of updates, i.e., daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also manually update the exchange rates.
Effortless Accounting for Multicurrency Transactions
✓ Buy/Sell with Real-time Currency Rates
✓ Automated Forex Gain/Loss Accounting
✓ Deal with Customers in Any Part of the World
✓ Auto-Select Currency for Your Contacts
✓ Make Price Lists in Different Currencies
✓ Quick and Effortless Setup
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