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Automate Expense Management for Your Business

Capture, organize & track your business expenses on the go. Scan & record receipts, sync bank transactions, and more.

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Scan Receipts & Autofill Expenses
Scan receipts and record expenses using your smartphone. Just point your camera to scan the physical receipt.

All the essential fields such as vendor name, date, and the price will be detected and auto-filled using intelligent image processing technology. Save hundreds of hours that you spend on manually adding expenses.
Create Bills And Purchase Orders Faster
You don’t have to call anyone or return to the office to create a purchase order or bill. Use your smartphone to make an order or bill transaction and boost your productivity.

Using Deskera Books, you can send purchase orders, overview your bills, and make invoice payments within seconds.
Monitor Expenses at One Place
With your dashboard, you can quickly view your day-to-day cash flow. You can track bills in real-time, check payables, and more. All your expenses are in one place.

The system lets you map each bill to a specific project and view your project-based profit and loss statement on a single screen with custom fields.
Ensure Maximum Tax Benefits
Deskera Books comes with pre-configured tax codes, accounting rules, and charts of accounts so that you automatically capture the tax-deductible expenses.

With all expenses recorded automatically in the accounting system, you can rest assured that you are not missing out on any tax exemptions.
Import Expenses through Bank Transactions
Connect with 10,000+ banks around the world and automatically reconcile bank transactions.

Map your debit transactions in the correct expense category, and you are good. You can also set up automation rules to add new expenses directly if they meet certain conditions such as amount range, payee name, or date range.
Auto-record Expenses of Depreciating Assets
Don’t record your non-cash expenses every accounting period manually.

Use Deskera to automate the process by setting up a depreciation schedule within seconds. Select the asset name, depreciation method, and the period and you’re done!

You can also use the schedule to calculate loan amortization or resource depletion.
Create Custom Approval Workflows
When your team raises expense bills for purchases, the approving authority should be alerted to approve the expense before the expense becomes a part of the books.

With Deskera, you can create such custom workflows of expense approvals so that your expenses are first reviewed and approved, leaving no chance for errors or miscalculations.
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✓ Keep track of all your expenses using the dashboard
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✓ Auto-record non-cash expenses
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill in the details after the scan?
Most of the details will be auto-filled, which you can directly review and submit. You can also edit or add more information to the expense transaction.
Can I generate financial reports for specific projects with assigned expenses?
Yes, definitely. You can use custom fields to categorize your projects and generate reports accordingly.
Can I add multiple utility expenses on a single direct expense and then change each description to specify that specific utility expense?
You can use the Direct Expense transaction to add multiple line items, each of which can be a different expense category.
How do I integrate or sync expense claims on Deskera people to Deskera books?
Currently, you will need to post a Journal or Expense Entry for the same in Books manually. But with the upcoming features, the direct sync would also work.
Do Stripe, Paypal, and Wise integration import all transactions into Deskera?
Currently, the behavior of Deskera with these payments Apps is such that the Invoice first needs to be made in Deskera, then it gets visible in Stripe or Paypal. You can then share the app’s payment link with the client over email. Once the client makes a payment by clicking on the link, the same gets captured.
Can I upload screenshots on Deskera mobile app when creating direct expenses?
Option to add attachments with Direct Expense is currently available only on the Web Application.
Do Deskera Books have the ability to auto-categorize expense transactions?
Yes, we do have the option of defining Bank Rules that help automate the process of expense categorization.

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