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Improve Your Cash Flow with Deposits

Struggling to maintain positive cash flow? Request an advance payment or deposit and offset it against future invoices.

Provide your business with much-needed financial resources before the final payment. Say goodbye to cash flow worries and focus on exceeding your customer's expectations.

Deposits Provide Protection Against Nonpayment

It is paramount for companies, especially small businesses, to have protection against customers not paying for their orders.

Implement a non-refundable deposit to discourage customers from defaulting on their orders. Provide your business with compensation if customers do not pay in the end.

Milestone Payments for Project-based Industries

Deposits in the form of milestone payments are commonplace in the construction and project-based industries, where completion of a request can take up to months or even years.

Milestone payments help companies, especially small businesses, to improve their cash inflow and support their operations.

Utilize Deposits Against Invoices with Ease

Record advance payments and deposits for your contacts in the currency of your choice.

Use the deposits to knock off against existing or future invoices in seconds. Free up your valuable time for more important and pressing matters.

Meticulously Record Direct Payments

There are instances that you receive payments into your bank and cash accounts without invoices.

Record these deposits as direct payments in a centralized interface. Track the reference number and cheque number easily for future usage

Choose the Deposit's Payment Method of Your Choice

There are multiple ways your customers can make payments to your business: cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Track the payment method of the deposits by selecting an option from the dropdown. Record the reference number for bank transfer and cheque number for cheque receipt in seconds.

Add Deposits on the Go

It can be frustrating if you have to use your laptop each time you record a new deposit, especially when you are out meeting with clients. Deskera Mobile App will help you to solve just that!

Add deposits on the go and manage them seamlessly. Create direct payments and advance payments in real-time across all devices: PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones

Consolidates Payments & Deposits in One Report

Managing payments from customers can be overwhelming as there are direct payments, advance payments, and payments against invoices.

The Receipt List Report helps you to tackle this challenge by compiling all types of payments and deposits into a single report. View all records in real-time and export out in excel or pdf.
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Easy-to-use Deposit Software for Your Business
✓ Receive cash resources before final payment
✓ Maintain a positive cash flow to run business
✓ Discourage customers from defaulting with non-refundable deposits
✓ Implement milestone payments for long term projects
✓ Utilize deposits against invoices with ease
✓ Record direct payments in a single interface
✓ Choose the deposit’s payment method of your choice
✓ Add deposits on the go
✓ Consolidates payments and deposits in one report
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deposit?
A deposit (also known as a down payment) is an advanced payment required before the fulfillment of an invoice. Deposits are usually required for orders that require a large number of products, customized orders, or services such as home improvement or repair services. The outstanding payment is due after the customer receives the goods or services in full.
Why do I need a deposit?
Introducing a deposit requirement for large or custom orders can significantly improve your cash flow as it provides you some resources before the final payment.Additionally, a non-refundable deposit also discourages customers from defaulting on their orders and provides compensation if they do not pay in the end.
What is the difference between direct payment and advance payment?
Both direct payment and advance payment record the deposits from your customers. However, you can utilize advance payment against invoices to knock off the outstanding balances of the customers.
How can I add more bank and cash accounts to receive deposits?
When you create a deposit, you can choose which bank or cash account you want to deposit the money in.To create more bank and cash accounts, go to Accounting > Chart of Accounts and click on the 'Add' button.
Can I create a deposit in another currency?
Yes, you can create a deposit in another currency based on the currency of the bank or cash account you choose.
What are the payment methods available?
If you create a deposit into a bank account, there are two payment methods: cheque and bank transfer. You can record a reference number for the bank transfer and a cheque number for the cheque method. There is no payment method if you create a deposit into a cash account.
How can I add more accounts to be used for deposits?
When you create a deposit, you can choose which account you want to credit.To create more accounts, go to Accounting > Chart of Accounts and click on the 'Add' button.
Can I edit my deposits?
Yes, you can edit, copy, print, and delete deposits by clicking the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the deposit.

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