Debit Notes

Easily Create Debit Notes

Tidy up your accounting records with an easy debit note. You don’t need to create new invoices for a simple typo error or under/overcharge.

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Simplify Bill Adjustments with Debit Notes
Mistakes happen! Faulty goods shipped by the supplier? Overcharged on the bill?

Just record a debit note to reduce the balance owed on a bill with Deskera Books. You can easily adjust existing or future bills for a supplier by using debit notes.
Got Overcharged? Use a Debit Note
Millions of sales and purchase transactions happen on daily basis and mistakes are bound to happen.

In case, you have received an overcharged bill and don't know how to adjust it or when the purchaser returns the goods purchased, either because of the defect in the item or due to any other reason or when the value of the invoice, given to the purchaser increases due to extra goods being delivered or the goods already delivered have been charged at a lesser value, a debit note is issued.
Supplier Sent a Faulty Product? Use a Debit Note
Buying and Selling is a day to day activity. The seller sells the product to the purchaser and at times he/she is not happy with the product due to damage, faulty products, etc. Don't Panic! In this situation, the debit note can easily be issued.

To create a debit note on Deskera Books select the contact, the account, and the amount to adjust and notify the seller that they have been debited against the goods returned.
Instantly Create Debit Note Anytime, Anywhere
Create a debit note with contact, amount and account details and apply them to your already created Bills using your mobile devices.
Automated Journal Entry for Debit Note
Apply the debit note to your purchase invoice created, faster, and quicker and reduce the amount due to be paid back to the seller. Another thing that’s great is the auto-population of the journal entry whenever a debit note is applied.
Offset Purchase Return with Debit Notes
After the supplier has accepted the Debit Note, the purchaser will have reduced their liability and are required to pay less to the supplier.

In the purchaser’s Deskera Books Journal Entries, the Purchase Return will be recorded.
Generate Debit Note Report Immediately
Debit note report is a report that provides a detailed view of all the debit notes stored in the system.

In Deskera Books you can access the debit note report with the details mentioned like, debit note creation date, the debit note number, the customer’s name, the debt amount, and the balance amount to be debited. Export the debit note report with a single click to generate the report into Excel or PDF format.
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Significantly More Powerful Debit Notes Features
✓ You can directly create the debit note from the debit note module
✓ Easy sorting of debit notes by date range
✓ Quick Export of debit note in XLS format
✓ Edit, Delete debit notes already created in the system
✓ Easy to apply debit notes to invoices
✓ Auto-population of journal entry whenever the debit note is applied
✓ Trouble free debit note creation on mobile devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete the existing debit notes?
Yes, you can delete the existing debit notes by clicking on the 3 grey dots button and select the bin button. Take note that you won’t be able to delete the debit notes if you have applied them in the Bill and Invoice page.
Can I edit the existing debit notes?
Yes, you can change the details of the existing debit notes that you have created except the contact name and the currency. Change the debit notes details such as accounts, amount, and the tax applied to the respective contacts. Click on the ‘Save’ button after amending.
Why can't I apply for debit notes?
If you are unable to apply the debit notes in your Bills, you will need to check if you have created the Debit Notes for the contact using the correct currency in the Accounting Tab.
When can I issue a Debit note?
As a customer, if you receive goods that you would like to return back to the supplier, you can issue a debit note to your supplier to claim back for goods you have received on credit. With Deskera Books it is possible to issue a debit note on your bill amount at any point of time.

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