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Organize your Chart of Accounts.

Built-in Chart of Accounts to get you started. Or import your own in a few minutes.

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Pre-Configured Charts Of Accounts
Deskera Books comes with pr-configured Charts of Accounts suitable for your business. All the necessary mappings are done for you so you don't have to spend any time.

While adding a contact or a product, the default account values are mapped automatically, so your accounting is always correct.

You can always choose to add/edit/delete or import your own chart of accounts via a simple excel upload. Export Chart of Accounts data details in PDF, XLSX, and CSV format.
Create Customized accounts for your company’s needs
While making a chart of accounts can be time-consuming, don't worry ! with Deskera Books you can create COA including 'Account Code', 'Account Name', 'Account Type', and 'Account Balance'. Each Account is provided with a unique code.

An account can be from any other account types, such as Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, or Equity.
Set up Bank or Cash Accounts with Charts of Accounts
You use bank accounts in the organization to keeping track of your banking transactions. With Deskera Books you can add multiple bank account, whereby the transaction within each bank account within Deskera Books remains separate.

Similarly, you can create multiple cash accounts and post entries without any issues for your daily accounting transactions.
Create Journal Entries with Ease
Do you want to create a custom account for posting any specific journal entry? Create and manage charts of accounts as per your organization's needs. Apply the custom accounts while posting journal entries.
Charts Of Account on Mobile
Chart of accounts is the list of your companies accounts and balances. Deskera Mobile app allows you to create and navigate all the COAs to meet all the business requirements and automatically generates the entries at the same time.
Add Custom Fields and Attributes to Your Chart of Accounts
Custom fields allow you to add additional information to the Chart of Account.

In Deskera Books, you can now apply various specifications by using the custom field functionality for Charts of accounts in the system. This helps you store and categorize additional information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export Charts Of Accounts?
You can retrieve your Chart of Accounts data by exporting the details in PDF, XLSX, and CSV format.
Can I mark an account as Inactive?
Yes, Locate the Account you would like to mark as Inactive and click the three grey dots on the right-hand corner.
Can I Import Charts of Accounts?
You also have an option to bulk import the COA, via excel sheet by clicking on the Import icon.
Can I view a summary of charts of Accounts?
You can also view the COA summary like, Total number of accounts available and Total account balance.

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