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Visualize Your Business Performance in One Glance

View your financial insights beautifully organized in one business dashboard to make faster decisions. Quickly uncover essential details about your business with just a click.

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Stay on Top of Your Cashflow

With cluttered and complex software, sometimes you miss out on the most urgent thing that matters to you. CASHFLOW.

Deskera’s business dashboard allows you to quickly access this data with a beautiful chart to compare your debits and credits at a macro level. You can just click and check what’s wrong if things are going south.

All Your Bank Accounts Consolidated

A business can have multiple bank accounts but at the end of the day you would want to know what is the balance in each one of them. The longer process is to open each account and view it.

Deskera business dashboard allows you to glance at neatly consolidated balance for each of your bank accounts.

Get Paid Faster

If improving cashflow is your priority, then the first thing you should look at is due invoices i.e payments still pending from your customers and how long it has been since they are pending.

You don’t want this number to go too high as it would lower your cash in hand even though you are growing your sales. Check due invoices and aged receivables in one look with Deskera dashboard.

Get Insights During a Particular Period

Sometimes you want to quickly compare your performance in a short or long period to understand where your business is heading.

Deskera makes it super-easy for you to filter your insights based on the period you desire. You can evaluate your monthly and yearly performance from your dashboard without even going into the details.

Monitor Money Coming In & Going Out

While running a business, there are instances when you quickly want to check how much you sold and how much you spent. Keeping a hawk eye on these numbers are important to keep a healthy business.

Deskera’s business dashboard gives you easy visibility to these numbers and it groups them under important categories such as paid, unpaid and due.

Check Profit & Loss

The sole aim of any business is to make profits. But it is not necessary that you will make profits every month. But having a check on your profits & losses every month absolutely necessary.

You can always create a report of profit & loss with Deskera but it goes one step further and gives you a month-on-month breakdown of your profit and loss, right on the dashboard.

All Your Financial Insights in One Dashboard
✓ Filter your insights by period
✓ Stay on top of your cashflow
✓ Single view of balance in all your bank accounts
✓ Get paid faster
✓ Monitor money coming in and going out
✓ Check profit and loss
Boost your productivity
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