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What is Backorders
When you receive an order from your customer, and you do not have enough stock to fulfill it. The system alerts you. You can then create an order for the shortfall (This is called a Backorder). When the goods are received, the system will alert you that now you can fulfill the customer's original order.
No More Delayed Shipments
What does a customer want? He wants his goods to be delivered in full and on time (DIFOT). So what happens when you have a backorder? The system will alert you that you do not have enough stock and will ask you if you want to place a backorder. By knowing if you have enough quantity for the order, you can help maintain and guide the customer's expectations for DIFOT.
Auto Creation of Your Backorder
You no longer need to worry if you have the right product or quantity when creating the purchase order (backorder). The system will auto-populate based on the remaining shortfall quantity and the correct product for the creation of the purchase order.
See Your Backorders at a Glance
There is a package icon shown next to the fulfillment column in the Sell records screen, allowing you to differentiate which Invoice or Quotation is a backorder at a glance. Saving you time and effort when you try to locate your backorder or wish to see how many you have.
Email Backorder Invoices or Quotes to Customers
After creating your quotation or invoice, you can send it immediately to your customer via email saving you time and effort. You do not have to download the template and or make sure you send it to the right customer. The system knows through contacts the customer email and, when selecting the quotation or invoice, the template is attached to the email.
Get Alerted When It Is Time to Deliver
You will get an email as soon as the purchase orders shortfall quantity has been received in the system. You can now deliver the product to the customer. By knowing when you receive the shortfall quantity will increase the likelihood of delivery in full and on time.
Stock Quantity in Real Time
The system will automatically post the quantity in as soon as you receive it, allowing you to have realtime information on your stock levels and when you will be able to deliver.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deskera notify me that I need to place a backorder?
Yes. At the time when you save the quote or the invoice, the system will prompt you that you do not have enough stock and that if you wish to place a backorder.
Can I choose which vendor/supplier to select for the backorder?
Yes. Not only can you choose the vendor/supplier, but you can also change the quantity and the price.
How will I know my sales order is ready to be fulfilled after creating a backorder?
The system will send you an email when the purchase order quantity is received.
Can I send goods directly to the customer from the supplier if I don't have the stock?
Yes. Use dropship processing instead. The link below is to the dropship process in Deskera Care.

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