Explore the power of a connected ecosystem

Explore the power of a connected ecosystem

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


What differentiates a successful organization from the rest?

Well, the key to any organization’s accomplishment is its strong foundation. Therefore, it is imperative to select the ingredients that can cement the pillars of your business viz. accounting, inventory, project management, supply-chain, statutory compliances, customer relationship and so on. All these, and much more, can be achieved by an intelligent software solution. It can help your business have an effortless sales engine, a scalable operation and quality delivery of products. Additionally, by providing real time information, the software can not only increase your workforce productivity but also help in better decision making. These factors together, play a crucial role in changing the course of your business.

Why are SMEs lagging behind?

While many SMEs have global ambitions, they often tend to overlook the basics that can act as a ladder in their growth story. They take decisions on the basis of short-term requirements ignoring the future. Picture this: you started a restaurant and opted for an accounting software for bookkeeping. This software was installed in your food joint at Clarke Quay. Now you begin to grow and open another restaurant at Sentosa. You purchase a new advanced accounting software from one vendor and a CRM software from another only to realize that none of these applications can talk to each other. So if you have extra cartons of milk in your Sentosa restaurant and shortage in the other you may never be aware about it. This has a double impact on your pocket. Additionally, because your CRM and accounting are not integrated, your sales team would be clueless about your customers in terms of their buying patterns, payment volume and terms, the products they are interested in, and more. On top of this, you would have to buy another software to run your payroll, process employee leaves, and claims.

Therefore businesses using a fragmented system do not have access to consolidated information. They lack the much-needed visibility that is important for proper business planning and better decision making.

An ERP solution that connects you to your ecosystem

Companies are in dire need of an intelligent ERP system to be in tandem with the fast evolving world. This integrated suite should be able to help each of the major functional departments of an organization such as finance, inventory, operations, and sales, HR and marketing stay on track. The value of having every department work from the same set of data is what drives the design of a connected ERP system. If everyone can trust that information, each department can stay updated, anticipate potential issues, quickly respond to changing needs, and identify opportunities for the future of the organization.

At the same time, an ERP is also expected to do more than managing your financials or running your processes. It should be intelligent enough to be seamlessly connected with Government agencies, banks, e-Commerce platforms, EDI platforms, payment gateways, customer support system and so on. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to understand that a connected ERP software is a long-term investment. It can help you manage your business operations better, enhance your organization’s efficiency and increase profitability.

Deskera’s connected ERP suite for SMEs

Deskera is a market leader of Cloud-based business software solutions. The company offers an intelligent software in the form of a connected ERP suite. This integrated system takes care of your entire ecosystem – both within and outside the organization.

Let us first focus on the internal issues.

Without an integrated cloud-based suite you have to pay separate license-fees for different on-premise software, along with additional costs for server-hardware, security, maintenance, etc. Since these software are not connected they cannot communicate with each other. Due to the existence of these siloed business software, employees have to do multiple data entry leading to an increase in man-hour costs and time wastage.

Deskera’s intelligent and connected ERP does all this work and much more for you. To help SMEs fast track onto the Digital Singapore map, Deskera offers an integrated suite comprising ERP, CRM, MRP, PM, and HRMS. All these cloud-based applications help manage and automate day-to-day business activities – bookkeeping, stock management, payroll processing, workforce management and so on. With a centralized database, all the applications are connected to each other. This award winning software helps provide impeccable customer service, smooth and transparent communication among departments, accomplishment of the daily work and structured information in real time. Deskera apps can be accessed from any internet-enabled device-smartphone, tablet, or a laptop anytime and anywhere. In addition to providing simple and cost-efficient software, Deskera ERP system helps cut operational costs and increase the company’s profitability. It also helps in better decision making.

Now coming to external ecosystem

Deskera encourages the smooth flow of information to external platforms. It can be connected seamlessly with banks through GIRO. Deskera integrated ERP can also communicate with digital documentation mediums like DocuSign and Hellosign to automate and simplify the document authentication tasks. Thus, avoiding wastage of time in manual process of document authentication. Not just this, the software can be integrated with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well. Due to this linkage, enterprises can transmit PO, Delivery Orders with Status and Invoices directly, skipping the cumbersome manual process.

Additionally, Deskera ERP is a compliant and approved software listed on IRAS website and it also complies with Malaysian tax & statutory norms. Deskera has been approved by the Singapore government for being one of the preferred ERP providers (beating Microsoft and SAP) for their National Trade Platform (NTP).


Today, SMEs across geography and industry are exploring various business software to attain growth and productivity. In spite of tall claims by software providers, enterprises are unable to find the right solution to meet their requirements. This is the era of connected world. You can’t work in silos if you want to be a part of this continuously evolving digital platform. Deskera’s intelligent and integrated business software suite helps you stay connected with the entire ecosystem. It acts as a catalyst to help you reach the next level of profitable growth and gain global recognition.

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