4 Tactics to Close the Sales Year

4 Tactics to Close the Sales Year

Deskera Content Team
Deskera Content Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The year-end is synonymous with the festive spirit, getting together and enjoying; be it with loved ones or spending some quality time by oneself. Whichever way it goes, shopping is one thing that defuses all the tension people may have been through around the year; and now they look forward to having a gala time.

When all of the world’s people are gearing up for this decorative spirit, and would not look back at work before the 2nd or 3rd of January, the same cannot be said about the salespeople. With the goals and targets to be achieved, the sales guys are looking at flexing their muscles to work hard for serving the wave of customers that steps in.

This article is for those who want to know the secrets to close the year in a grand way. Let’s look at what more the post has:

Know the 4 Impressive Tactics to Close the Sales Year

Facing the customers is fun only for those salespeople who have studied and prepared well for customer behavior and personas. We know that sales are a process that offers opportunities to grow and learn exponentially, it is always wiser to learn a few tricks of the trade before you are ready to welcome your customers.

So, let's see the four tactics discussed here.

Holiday Begins after January

Holidays or the year-end time, as we know, is when people take time off from work. This may indicate a slow or low business time; trust us, it is not. On the contrary, the more relaxed the people are higher are the chances of them finding ways to celebrate, which also includes shopping. They head to shop for their homes, their families, and for themselves. This is specifically true for the last few weeks of December which usually witness a high sales rate.

On the other hand, the sales department will have to postpone their holidays and make a fierce attempt at closing sales. You may have had prospects in the recent past who said, they would think over and get back. This is the time for you to make that conversion. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy for them to be receptive to your idea and that thoroughly increases your chances of closing the deal.

So, hold on before you conclude that the holiday season leads to sluggish business. This time of the year is especially fruitful and you certainly do not want to take an off now.

Clear the Pipeline

The sales pipeline is the pending amount of work you may have had with sales of late. The year-end is the time to clear that pending work and be ready to focus on the year-end closing. While we understand that it is difficult, almost impossible to achieve a clear-cut pipeline, it is still better for you to complete as many tasks as possible.

Too much work and too many deals at this moment can play a spoiler for your year-end sales and ruin the entire sales cycle. You may be required to concentrate on those tasks along with the new ones coming in. Keeping yourself free will aid in absorbing more of the current prospects and deals.

There are various methods you can accomplish a clear pipeline. Asking a few simple questions to yourself can help you relieve the clutter.

  • Has the client shown sincerity for your product?
  • Is there an urgency from the client’s side to purchase the product?
  • Does the client seem impressed with the product?
  • Does the client intend to buy it this month?

If most of the answers are a ‘No’, then it would be wiser to let go of this client for now and channelize your energies towards the year-end sales. You can always schedule a follow-up with this customer for a later time, though.

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Sales Funnel is Your Guiding Light

In continuation with the previous point made, you can surely focus on the sales of the year closing but do not lose sight of the prospects that may yield in the next months. This is to say that while it is important to clear your pipeline, it is also relevant to keep a close eye on the prospects that are a bit higher up in your sales funnel.

These prospects need your attention, too. Emphasizing on only the year-end closing will crumble the next quarter and it certainly isn’t affordable. So, this is where you will need to hold close all your sales activities including demos, calls, and pitches.

All your sales actions should be aimed at keeping the sales funnel alive. Doing so will cover your older prospects along with closing all the deals of December. Consequently, you will be stepping into the new year on a successful note.

Brace Up for the Next Year

If you have brought the previous year’s close towards a victorious finish line then you know all that you need to do in the new year as well. In short, your previous success will be guiding you to take the course of action for this year.

All you need to do is maintain the momentum, keep continuing with the habits, follow the ways that led you to hit the goals in time. Similarly, if you had been wrestling to keep up the sales in the year gone by, then it would be wise to take a cue from the lessons of the past.

Another aspect is the sales funnel which you must keep a tab on for the upcoming year. Revisiting your sales funnel, working on your pipeline are all ways to achieve an excellent and flawless year-end closing, eventually.

How can Deskera CRM+ Help You?

Being a person related to sales, you can have multiple tasks aligned. Deskera CRM Plus is a tool that shall help you cover varied aspects of sales. Apart from managing the sales pipeline and knowledge bases, it can be crucial for scaling your business to greater heights.

Moreover, working around the clock requires meticulous management which is now achievable with Deskera CRM. Deskera CRM allows you to see all contact information, communication history, and all the deals along with purchase orders, customer tickets, and so on.

The software also includes email marketing campaigns. There are ready for use templates in the CRM software which make your task a lot easier.

Also, if you are a sales manager, getting a grip over the financial KPIs and the retail KPIs in one place can be a boon. Financial statements such as the balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements can all be accessed with Deskera CRM.

You will find a simple video immensely helpful to address the lurking doubts.

Key Takeaways

Sales can be artistic if done well. While it is important you know the tactics, it is equally essential for you to do your homework before you step into the field. Let’s revisit the key points or tactics to effectively close the sales at year-end:

  • Being a salesperson, you will need to postpone your year-end holidays and work up strategies for the oncoming shopping season.
  • Clearing the pipeline is another way to enhance your sales in the last holiday season of the year.
  • Next comes the sales funnel; the top of the sales funnel should not be ignored. You should, instead prepare for those prospects in the new year.
  • Having learnt from the past mistakes and past experiences of the year gone by, a good sales strategy will be to brace up for the next year.
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