What is Social CRM?

What is Social CRM?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Social CRM is the philosophy of monitoring and managing customer interactions, and relationships with existing and potential customers, through web, social networking sites, and other digital channels. The amalgamation of Social Media Marketing and CRM gives rise to the concept of the Social CRM.

As per the study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research in May 2008, sixty four percent of companies interviewed, reported an improved reputation in the marketplace due to social media tools.

The pervasive web has opened up enormous opportunities to interact with varied group of customers. The success of Web 2.0 based social media tools – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more – have created new avenues for carrying out the marketing and sales activities. These forums provide the appropriate hunting ground for organizations to generate a positive buzz about their product offerings. The marketing strategy of “Word of Mouth” can be carried out easily though Social CRM and in the most optimized way!

One of the most promising features of Social CRM is that it enables organizations to understand the customer preferences and behavior through direct interaction with them. These interactions along with web analytics can be captured in the form of data, and analyzed for better understanding of customers. The analytical operation on the captured data can be extended to calculate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, unravel the customer navigation patterns on an organization’s website, and formulate strategies for targeting customers through web based social media forums.

Krawler social networking expertise based on Web 2.0 along with its CRM offers the right kind of Social CRM capabilities.

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