Need of Cloud ERP in Advertising and PR agencies

Need of Cloud ERP in Advertising and PR agencies

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The demand for advertising and PR agencies has shot up in the recent times. All thanks to the growing number of startups as well as manufacturing and IT companies who are willing to set aside substantial budgets for advertising spends to increase their market shares thereby increasing business profitability. According to a report by Public Relations Consultants Association of India , the public relations (PR) industry is expected to touch Rs. 2,100 crore by fiscal 2020. The advertising industry has also evolved incredibly from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. This particular industry is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China.

Both advertising and PR tasks revolve centrally around people and their thought process. Connecting with the target audience plays a key role in this sector. Hence, it is imperative to understand the audience and it is never a one man show. A successful campaign requires a team approach to research, develop and create ideas and campaigns that communicate specific messages. Unlike the other corporate setups, this sector demands work beyond office premises and is not limited to the general nine to five timelines. With multiple team members working on a particular project, team members need to collaborate with each other and track progress in real time. Additional responsibilities involve – managing campaign budgets, reconcile insertion orders as well as purchase orders.

With Deskera’s cloud-based integrated ERP suite for advertising and PR industry you can manage all the above mentioned tasks seamlessly. The integrated suite has a series of applications – ERP, CRM, HRMS, and PM which are interwoven and can talk to each other. The CRM app with its campaign management feature can capture campaign details, the audience targeted, the leads and contacts that have responded, and the converted opportunities/ leads/ contacts lists. Campaigns can be used as a direct mail program, and for seminars, printing advertisement, emailing, and many other types of marketing initiatives. One can run email marketing campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns in real time. Deskera’s PM app can develop task structures, assign priorities and define multiple milestones using interactive Gantt charts. Additionally, one can manage team tasks with deadlines and send milestone reminders. It can further leverage a variety of reporting and analytics tools to know where the project is headed. Thus, help determine the project health through KPI metrics. By providing real-time information, the software helps streamline the entire operations and take better business decisions. You can thus enhance your business profitability and manage your day-to-day operations smoothly by automating majority of your agency workflows.

Benefits of Deskera integrated ERP system:

  1. Enhance your sales management process: With Deskera CRM app you can automate your critical sales processes and consolidate your customer database for decision makers to easily implement customer centric strategies. It also ensures effective sales management with leads, opportunity, support, products, campaign management and more. You can gain deeper insight customer metrics, and keeps everyone focused on getting new customers while keeping the ones you already have happy with the best features at your disposal.
  2. Boost your profitability with Deskera ERP: The app provides an impeccable blend of features such as purchase, sales and billing, vendor, account, customer, financial reporting, item master, stock, checklist management and much more. You can manage your accounts, generate purchase-sale orders and quotations, record and view all business transactions and view real time financial reports. It enables you to check, edit and select the applicable tax type for every purchase and sale transaction and easily manage and maintain all your periodic audit processes.
  3. Collaborate real time for your project: You can consolidate your project and day-to-day tasks, and leverage the power of embedded conversations to work with your team, anywhere you want. You can collaboratively plan, schedule, and deliver projects from anywhere by working socially and facilitating teamwork for better project outcomes. Since the access gives you access real time you can make immediate project insights and thus help in better decision making.
  4. Make your employee management process efficient: Deskera HRMS facilitates management of the full range of HR functions and responsibilities. You can efficiently manage the hire-to-retire cycle of your people through an intuitive and smart employee administration interface. By tracking the productivity for each employee with designated goals and KPIs you can gain the maximum ROI on your human capital. You can also set a record as the best chosen employer in the industry by ensuring punctual and fair generation of payroll each time.

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