Merry Christmas with Cloud Computing

Merry Christmas with Cloud Computing

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

There is always an ongoing debate about whether work-life balance is a myth or reality in India. Whenever we open our Facebook accounts, most of us come across hundreds of photographs of our social friends holidaying in different parts of the world. We have relatively improved our ranking on the vacation index compared to our past. However, we still have miles to go to compete globally.

According to Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report 2017 ‘India is the 5th most vacation deprived country globally’.The survey further revealed that 55 percent Indians take fewer leaves of the vacation days they get and 28 percent don’t take off at all because of tight work schedule or lack of staff to cover.

As we enter the festive season of Christmas and New Year, all of us want to spend time with our family and friends. While it is essential to maintain a work-life balance, one cannot deny the fact that businesses never stop and work needs to be done. Today, we are fortunate to have technologies like cloud computing that can help us spend time with our family even if our work schedule does not allow us a vacation.

With cloud computing an employee can easily login into his/her account and access the files he/she needs to work. One can access this data saved on the cloud from any internet enabled device – a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop. You need not be restricted to a specific location. Thus, allowing an employee to have access to relevant information from anywhere on a single platform. Depending on the department, business unit and level, this access can be controlled for employees.

Additionally, cloud computing is useful for online collaboration. Employees working on the same project can see updates from their team members in real-time. Basecamp and Asana are the best examples of these applications. These solutions provide file sharing, discussions, task assignment, and deadline calendars along with reminders. Team members can collaborate across departments even when using completely different devices and working from home over the holidays. One can seamlessly integrate cloud-based systems into the existing environment.

“Our mobile-apps help salespeople generate real-time quotations, accounts team generate instant invoices and CEOs review real-time balance sheets and P&L statements on the go,” said Hemanth Dattatreya, Global Head, Channels and Alliances, Deskera. The company is an emerging leader of cloud-based business software solutions. Its products range from ERP, MRP, CRM to HRMS and PM. “This seamless virtual office on the cloud can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. An employee can avail this work flexibility over the busy Christmas period, thus spending more time at home and less time in the office,” he further added.

Since cloud computing gives online access to your work anytime, you can complete your task as per your flexibility. Complete your task post a family dinner or after shopping gifts for your family. With real-time synchronization, you can also avoid miscommunication and a long chain of emails. So this Christmas make the most of cloud technology to make your family as well as your customers happy.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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