Improve Productivity at Work - 24 Useful Apps

SME Productivity Mar 02, 2016

Improve Productivity at Work. We have listed 24 powerful and useful apps that can help make you more productive. Let’s face it, improving productivity at work isn’t easy. Between prioritizing tasks for yourself, scheduling times to work with your team, connecting with contacts, and managing your web presence, it’s all too easy for important projects to fall through the cracks.

Fortunately, we live in the age of “there’s an app for that”. The following list of 24 apps can help you manage team projects, personal projects, contacts, information, and your all-around employee productivity at work.

Improve productivity at work with good Project Management

High-level productivity comes down to a team that operates smoothly. The following productivity tools are leaders in team management and organization, Businesses large and small use these programs to improve productivity at work.

1. Basecamp

For the last several years, Basecamp has been the leading project management software. Being predominantly web-based, with supporting mobile apps, Basecamp makes it easy for teams to work together – regardless of where they are. Then, once it’s time to present the project to your clients, the client-facing environment is equally as impressive.

2. Asana

Similar to Basecamp in capabilities, Asana is another exceptional collaboration and team scheduling tool. If you’re looking for an app to monitor your projects and deadlines, Asana is worth checking out.

3. Freedcamp

If Basecamp and Asana are appealing, but you would prefer a lower-cost option, Freedcamp is an excellent alternative. While it may be limited in some of the features unless you purchase upgrades, it is an excellent tool to improve productivity at work on a tight budget.

4. Producteev

Delegation is essential for a business to succeed, regardless of the size of your team. Producteev is another powerful task management program that allows you to assign tasks to team members and hold them accountable for meeting their deadlines.

5. Deskera Project Management

For a project management software that easily integrates with your company’s accounting, billing, sales, and HR functions, Deskera is an excellent option. This software allows you to run your business your way – efficiently and effectively monitoring a variety of metrics across your system. Ideal for workplace projects and increasing productivity.

Contact Management

An equally important element to keeping productivity levels high is to maintain your network. For any client-facing individual, keeping meetings, people, and documents organized is essential. These tools can help improve productivity by keeping your contact interactions organized.

6. UberConference

UberConference takes the headaches out of on the go conference calls. In addition to creating exceptional calls, this app connects you with participants’ LinkedIn profiles and records meetings to reference later.

7. CamCard

CamCard is a digital business card storage app that allows users to exchange e-business cards, take photos of paper cards, and store contacts – all in one place. If you struggle with keeping your list of contacts organized, this is a great tool to use.

8. Humin

Just because you have someone’s card doesn’t mean you remember who they are. Humin helps you remember HOW you met someone, making it easier to recall who they are, who they might know, and what conversational topics they may be interested in. From remembering where someone lives, to what they do, to a variety of other notes about the individual, Humin can rescue you from potentially awkward second meetings.

9. Adobe eSign

Printing, signing, and scanning documents can be a monotonous task. ESign allows users to digitally sign documents – using their email as their signature. This tool can save both yourself and your clients time and hassle by making all agreements digital.

10. Docusign

Another printerless document signing platform, Docusign allows you to follow the link in your email to open the document, read through the file, and sign! Once everyone else signs, you receive an alert. it’s that easy.

Personal Task Management

Your personal productivity at work ultimately comes down to how effectively you manage your own schedule and tasks. Here are some great tools to help you stay on top of your own projects.

11. Evernote

Evernote allows you to store, edit and tag documents for effortless organization – making it one of the most versatile note-taking and storage apps available. In addition to managing your own project and notes, Evernote easily integrates into a variety of other apps to make tracking projects as an individual or as a team much more convenient.


IFTTT has a wide range of applications available under its brand. Ultimately, this app allows you to create programs that respond to events with a certain action. Be notified if a picture of you is tagged on Facebook, send out a reminder to your team if you get an email from a specific individual, etc.

13. Things

As the name suggests, Things will organize all of your things. This app combines your inbox, to-do list and appointments, making it easy to prioritize and complete projects on time.

14. TripIt

If you travel frequently for business, TripIt is an app worth picking up. It easily manages all of your travel documentation in one place – making it easy to stay organized and accurately track business expenses.

Information and Content Management

One of the easiest ways to improve productivity at work is by effectively managing all of your information. From articles worth reading, to analytics, to social media – the more you can manage and filter these items, the more time you will have to focus on the tasks that truly matter for your success.

15. FlipBoard

FlipBoard makes it easy to stay up to date on news and industry changes. Use FlipBoard to avoid jumping from one website to the next by summarizing all of your favorite magazines, blogs, and websites in one easy-to-read platform.

16. Hootsuite

Manage all of your social profiles with Hootsuite to save time on your marketing. It’s an easy and convenient tool for managing and maintaining multiple social accounts in one place.

17. Buffer

Buffer started as a simple web app for scheduling tweets throughout the day automatically. It now lets you manage your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, all at the same time. Plus, you get access to full analytics and click stats for every account – allowing you to know exactly where you most effective interactions are taking place.

18. DropBox

This is probably one of the best-known apps on the list. With 2 gigabytes of free storage, DropBox is the easiest way to keep your most important documents in one accessible place. Not only is it accessible from a PC, but anything you save can be accessed across all of your devices.

19. SugarSync

SugarSync is a competitor of DropBox – but it actually does so much more. First of all, SugarSync allows you to actually edit your files within the app – unlike DropBox.

Secondly, you can synchronize any folder on your computer – rather than having a single folder that updates to your network. Depending on your needs, this is another excellent cloud based storage and editing platform.

Focus and Work Productivity Management

Once you implement one or several of the apps above to improve your productivity at work with both teams, contacts, data flow, and your own projects, you now need to buckle-down and get to work. These apps help you maintain focus on the task at hand to maximize your personal productivity.

20. Toggl

Toggl is fast becoming a popular app for students, business professionals, and anyone else interested in managing their time. The app is essentially a stopwatch that tracks the amount of time you spend on different tasks – allowing you to look back at the end of the week and see how long you really did waste on Facebook.

21. Focus@Will

Distraction is a huge challenge facing most people at work, but it’s one that you can avoid. If you like listening to music, check out Focus@Will, an app that provides playlists designed to improve focus and creativity.

22. Cold Turkey

Struggling to resist the many websites and apps available on your computer? Consider using Cold Turkey, a service that allows you to block times during the week where you can’t access specific sites or programs – a guaranteed way to keep you away from Twitter when you need to be focusing.

23. Forest

Similar to Cold Turkey, Forest allows you to lock your phone and focus on the task at hand. However, as an app focused on visual people, by staying off of your phone you slowly watch a forest grow on your screen – giving users something tangible to see after a long day at work.

24. Pocket

Pocket functions in a very straightforward way. When you come across something worth reading later, just click a small Pocket button in your browser or on your device. The article is then saved to read later. When you have time, you can open up Pocket and read through your saved articles – making it a great way to track important content without allowing it to distract from the project at hand.

Improve productivity at work with Deskera

Finding ways to improve productivity at work can mean the difference between a successful business, and one that flounders. At Deskera, we make an effort to continually find, share, and develop tools to help maximize productivity for both ourselves and our clients. If you need to increase the productivity and workflow of your entire HR process, take a look at Deskera’s HRMS Cloud. From this platform you can manage everything from recruiting to paid leave. Get the work done faster without distractions with productivity tools.

Need a better way to manage your projects? Click here to learn more about Deskera Project Software


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