Importance of ERP Software in Textile Industry

Importance of ERP Software in Textile Industry

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Textile Industry in India contributes 14 per cent to industrial production and 4 percent to GDP. With over 45 million people, the industry is one of the largest source of employment generation in the country. According to IBEF report, the size of the textile industry is expected to touch US$ 226 billion market by 2023.

The textile industry generally involves lengthy and complicated processes such as procurement, manufacturing, distribution of the product, channel management as well as sales generation. Another important step is Quality Control – right from the raw materials to the finished goods. Hence, it is imperative to explore an efficient solution that can help business owners place themselves confidently at the global platform.

ERP software for textiles and apparels helps you manage your entire business process, end-to-end. An ideal ERP system uses a single database which allows different departments to communicate with each other, without having to maintain data at multiple locations. The software helps in better management of critical areas of textile production such as raw materials, finance, inventory, quality, plant management and so on. All these functionalities are interwoven and can talk to each other seamlessly.

Deskera ERP for textiles and apparels is the tool that gives you the advantage of time and cost efficiencies, visibility and functionality along each progression of process from idea to delivery. Being on Cloud, this award winning software gives you real-time detailed data of orders, helps draft quick query responses, effective control and monitor the operations, plan and schedule order accurately and predict data in a better way.

Here are some benefits offered by Deskera ERP exclusively for the textile industry:

  • Better Inventory Management: Deskera ERP for textiles automates and dynamically manages all stock operations to enable stakeholders to get the product at the right time. It seamlessly integrates with store purchasing system that provides real time information about the item status. Additionally, the software also generates informative real time reports that incorporates historical data, prices and quotes for better decision making.
  • Quality Management: The software streamlines the entire production process so that the final products are more likely to meet quality requirements before reaching the external market. It enforces quality control throughout the manufacturing process to prevent the manufacturing of defective products and to ensure compliance with customer demands and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduction in machinery downtime: Having a routine schedule for checking critical components and devices in the system increases the longevity of the system and it helps reduce downtime. At the same time, it monitors due dates for machine maintenances and track in-house or external maintenance schedules.
  • Cost savings: It reduces labor costs by improving process flow.It manages complete labor information such as skills, shift timings, task assigned and more. It also manages efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources to accelerate productivity and success.
  • Customer satisfaction: Deskera ERP software can cut down the delivery time for execution of the request and enhance consumer loyalty. A well defined strategy for client exchange is extremely helpful in having better client relations. Ideally, it takes 3 days to answer any of the client’s inquiries. This period can be slashed down to a day, which will have great effect on client’s impression of the association.
  • Thus, Deskera ERP software for textile industry helps manage your financial transactions in a better way and put your business to standard practice. This software is fully integrated, compliant and easily deployable. The software because of its modular structure enables quick implementation and lets organizations go live in days instead of months.

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