Effective monitoring of all project tasks with consolidated Project Chart Reports

Effective monitoring of all project tasks with consolidated Project Chart Reports

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Having trouble keeping track of all the project activities and simultaneously monitoring the task progress in real-time? Now, you do not need to worry about this anymore as Deskera Project Management is equipped with interactive, real-time Project Chart Reports. With the help of these reports, you can generate real-time reports and track the progress of all the tasks either date-wise or in terms of progress percentage.

Deskera Project Management enables you to view graphs which depict overall progress of the project tasks based on their current progress.

To access the Project Charts, click on “View Reports” under the project plan and select “Project Charts”. The other way by which you can access the Project Chart Reports are by clicking on “Reports” icon from the toolbar. A pop-up with all the reports will appear. Click on “Overview” reports and then select “Project Charts”.

The Project Chart Report is displayed in a new window with graphical representation of Project Progress Chart and Project Time Chart. You can view the tasks completed, tasks in progress and pending tasks in the project progress chart.

The Project Time Chart displays the tasks which will start in future (Future Start), which have been completed (Completed), which need attention by the project members (Needs Attention) or which are pending or overdue (Overdue).

The Project Charts enable the project manager to keep close watch on the happenings in the project in real-time and efficiently manage all the project activities.

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