Deskera Partner Portal - Creating a Customized Sign-up page

Deskera Partner Portal makes it extremely easy for our partners to create customized sign up pages for their customers. Its easy, its quick, and it looks great. There is no programming/coding knowledge required whatsoever. It takes less than 5 minutes to customize the page and start your very own “On-Demand” business.

Let us take a look at the template of the Sign Up page below:

All the numbers in those blue circles denote customization options which are available through the partner portal. Let us go through the options one by one.

  1. Customize Logo – Upload your own logo and it will reflect on the sign-up page instead of the Deskera logo
  2. Add Links to Your Sign-Up Page – Easily add links with relevant titles to existing pages on the sign-up page
  3. Customize Help text – Easily update and customize Help text with the WYSIWYG text editor
  4. Customize Support E-Mail – Provide the support email address and it will be automatically updated on the sign-up page
  5. Customize Terms of Service – Add your own terms of service in the editor which would be visible to the users when they click on it
  6. Customize Privacy Policy – As with the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy can also be customized

Once the page is created, its URL can be simply added to the relevant section on the partner website.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to set up your own customized sign up page with Deskera. We will be looking at other aspects of the partner program in future posts. So keep checking.

To know more about our partner program, visit – Deskera website.


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