Bihar to create history, implement Prison ERP in all jails

Bihar to create history, implement Prison ERP in all jails

Paritosh Mahana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Bihar government has decided to install Prison Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 56 jails of the state starting from November 2016. A pilot project of the ERP system that facilitates central monitoring of Bihar’s jails from prison headquarters was for the first time introduced in Beur jail, Patna, in 2012–13. The technological upgrade was a resounding success. The decision to extend the ERP to all prisons of the state has been taken recently. This would make Bihar the first state to implement Prison ERP.

“Bihar would be the first state to implement Prison ERP system which is a matter of pride,” said Inspector General of Prisons Anand Kishore.

Kishore also said that in the Prison ERP system, besides the generally found E prison, seven additional modules have been added and developed, including the Gate Management System, Hospital Management System, Stock Management System, Wages Management System, Arms and Ammunitions Management System, Personnel Management System and Treasury and Bill Management System.

Prison officials have been directed to make sure that ground work such as computer installation, servers, UPS, etc. is up and running by October 31 so that the ERP system is made operational across all jails of the state in a time-bound manner. As many as 352 computer operators, along with 10 programmers and 43 junior programmers would be needed to carry out the automation of jails. One Kiosk would also be installed in all 56 prisons of the state for coordination. Using the prison kiosk, which has a monitor and touch screen device, an undertrial would be able to find out the next date of hearing of his case and other such relevant information.

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