Artificial Intelligence tools can remove bias from recruitment processes: Human resources

Artificial Intelligence tools can remove bias from recruitment processes: Human resources

Paritosh Mahana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Workforce diversity connotes the creation of an inclusive and healthy environment that accepts an individual’s strengths, differences, and weaknesses as well as provides opportunities to staff members to realize their potential. Valuing difference allows a person to contribute their unique experiences. This has positive impact not only on internal activities or relationships, but also on customers as well as other stakeholders. According to the available data and trends, organizations that are diverse, innovative, and smarter are able to retain more staff. Moreover, diversity makes for good business in the financial sense. Businesses, with greater diversity, witness increase in returns on investment (ROI); around 35 percent for an ethnically diverse workforce and 15 percent for gender-diverse organizations.

AI software can maintain diversified workforce

To understand this, we first need to comprehend what the technology AI is. Father of Artificial Intelligence John McCarthy, AI is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. So, Artificial Intelligence technology is basically a way to teach computers, computer-controlled robots, or software tool think intelligently.

The advantage of AI over humans is that it can analyze a vast amount of data and search for patterns within lesser time compared to humans. AI collects and churns out data from various sources to find people based on the job description. Candidates who may have never applied in the organization and whom the company would have never thought of seeking out, can also be shortlisted by AI. This technology helps in removing unconscious bias. The hiring manager can focus on the skills that are required for the job ignoring other details like age, gender, and race.

Precautions while leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Moreover, AI tools identify past behavior patterns, which means any human bias that may already be in the recruiting process can be learned by AI. For example, if earlier the recruitment was done for candidates with certain qualifications , AI will pick up the same pattern repeatedly. Thus, it is critical to take measures to remove this kind of pattern. AI can be taught to filter these patterns out of the decision-making process and thus pick the most suitable candidate based on objective criteria.

The algorithms which push AI software reveal pure, objective truth. However, people need to teach AI what they consider as objective, provide it with relevant information, as well as indicate outcomes they consider best: legally, ethically, and financially. Continuous filtering as well as a fair and objective system in place can help AI tools create a diverse workforce.

Deskera is also investing in training as well as encouraging policies to create a multicultural work environment.

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