5 reasons why you should opt Deskera cloud ERP instead of on-premise/local ERPs

5 reasons why you should opt Deskera cloud ERP instead of on-premise/local ERPs

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today, the entire world is moving towards automation and cloud. According to RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report, public cloud adoption increased from 89% in 2017 to 92% in 2018 and private cloud adoption increased from 72% in 2017 to 75% in 2018. However, in India enterprises are still reluctant to move towards cloud, unable to realize the urgent need of the same. Lack of awareness, limited willingness to spend on technologies, misconception that cloud technologies are meant only for larger enterprises etc. are few apprehensions expressed by SMEs to transition to Cloud. According to a research by Deskera, 68% of the SMEs prefer locally designed ERPs since they are cheaper. In doing so they compromise on the quality of the software, support and services, implementation process and last but not the least – technology.

It is important for business owners to understand that a robust ERP software is a long term investment that gives a strong foundation to your business. If you can strengthen this foundation, you can stand tall in your sector with better managed business operations, enhanced efficiency and increased profitability. Thus, ERP is much more than a software. It is a mantra of success.

Deskera, is a global leader providing such cloud-based business software solutions for small and mid size businesses. Since its inception in 2008 the company has been using cloud technology to bridge the digital divide between entrepreneurs and big businesses. Its simple-to-use technology provides solutions that help all types of companies manage resources more efficiently across departments, from operations to accounting to sales to HR, on one platform. Deskera ERP is a sophisticated product that offers you much more than an on-premise or local ERP at a very competitive price.

Below are some of the advantages of Deskera ERP over on-premise/local ERP:

No. Description Deskera ERP On-premise/Local ERP
1 Undo time consuming upgrade Deskera ERP is a cloud-based product and hence it can be quickly upgraded with lesser update time. Thus, it is easily scalable. In case of on-premise/local ERP the upgrade process is time consuming and hence it is not scalable easily.
2 Undo lengthy implementation Deskera ERP is known for its easy implementation process with seamless transition from legacy system to the new version. Implementation can be carried within few hours and the tool is good-to-go. Both on-premise as well as local ERP vendors spend several months in the implementation process and the transition is never smooth.
3 Undo IT infrastructure Deskera gives you access to its sophisticated product without having to invest in setting up a huge IT infrastructure. With is Software-as-a-Service model you can pay only for the services you use via infrastructure-free IT. With on-premise/local ERPs you have to have an on-premise setup that adds to your investment and yes, you do not get the facility of pay-per-user model.
4 Undo restricted work environment Since Deskera ERP is cloud-based you can access it anywhere on the go with your mobile phone, tablet or a laptop. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. In this case, you have real time visibility for relevant information that can help in better decision-making. The biggest problem with on-premise ERP is that you can access it only within your office premise and that on a particular desktop. This in itself is quite regressive when you have your smartphone available with you 24*7.
5 Undo Risk Deskera has approximately 80,000 users, who manage their companies using Deskera’s cloud based products. The company has a strong presence in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and USA. This award winning company has several reputed customers like Grant Thornton, Bharat Wire Ropes, Shree Tube, Baker Tilly and many more. Local ERP does not have that brand value, professionalism that comes with global experience. There is always some kind of risk involved in terms of products and services because quality is not a focus area.


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