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Product Management

Product Management

To run your business seamlessly, a central knowledge repository of product history is required at any point of time to promote integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products.

Deskera ERP - Product Management - Add New Product

Add New Product

Configure new product details such as unit of measure, related sales and purchase accounts, initial quantity, product price, product license type and reusability.

Deskera ERP - Product Management - Edit Product

Edit Product

Modify product details such as reorder quantity, lead time, reorder level. You can also add a sub-product, product item group/sub group to an existing product.

Deskera ERP - Product Management - Add New Price

Add New Price

Add/edit pricing details such as purchase or sales price based on quantity to particular product or general/vendor/customer price list to a particular product.

Deskera ERP - Product Management - Inventory Report

Inventory Report

Get a complete overview of product details, such as initial and current product stock condition, current purchases, reorder quantities, reorder levels, lead times,and more.

With Deskera Product Management, you can manage complete product information, from description, to initial price, to opening stock. It is also easy to configure purchase and sales account for each product. Our twin pricing intelligence mechanisms enables the successful introduction of a new product portfolio and flexible Pricing setup to handle multiple purchase and sales prices. Accordingly, different product prices can be assigned for different customer types such as wholesale customers, retail customers and more.

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