Deskera ERP

Customer Management

Customer Management

Deliver more than just a product to keep customers coming back to you — short order cycle times, fast delivery, high quality, custom configurations, comprehensive support and accurate invoices.

Deskera ERP - Customer Management - Add New Customer

Add New Customer

Increase your profits by maintaining comprehensive customer details including opening balance, preferred delivery mode as well as credit term.

Deskera ERP - Customer Management - Edit Customer Details

Edit Customer Details

Edit detailed customer information and confirm quotations, sales orders, verify credit, allocate inventory, pick and ship products, and process invoices.

Deskera ERP - Customer Management - Export Customer List

Export Customer List

The Customer List can be exported in a .CSV or PDF file format for viewing and editing in spreadsheet format or for mailing and printing with proper information.

Deskera ERP - Customer Management - Customer Classification

Customer Classification

Classify and segregate your most profitable customers based on Credit limit, Credit period, No of Orders placed,Pricing and Product needs.

Evolve with the current market trends to improve your customer’s satisfaction by ensuring accurate pricing, configuration viability, material needs and reducing rework on the move. With Deskera ERP, you can maintain comprehensive detail information about your customers including opening balance information, payment terms, shipping address, billing address, contact information and more. Customers can be managed on the basis of their term of association with you. The best part is you can do all of this on the move!

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