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Manager Self Service

Effective leave approval process through manager self service.

eLeave System to Manage Employee Leave Balance

Calculate Accurate Leave Balances

Leave supports full day, half day and partial time off in hours. All time off is recorded. With Leave you can assign substitute users, assign permissions according to user levels, and set approval paths for leave sanction.

eLeave System for Employee Resource Management

Resource Management

You can check instantly who is on leave on our daily, weekly, and yearly calendars. You can group your employees into teams, and see team views of your resources availability calendar.

eLeave System for Leave Application Management

Manage Leave Requests

Deskera eLeave has an intuitive UI for managers to manage leaves applied for by employees. A multilevel approval feature makes sure all the managers and HR personnel stationed in various places get email alerts for the pending leave applications.

eLeave System for Leave Document Management

Track Proof of Leave Documents

Your employees can attach medical certificates, and other documents, to each leave application. This allows you to keep track of all documents online, eliminating the need for any hard copy submissions.

Leave Management Software Comprehensive Dashboard on a Laptop

Manager Self Service allows managers to access employee leave requests and information. Leave applied for by employees is automatically routed to their respective managers or HR officer. They may approve, push back or disapprove leave requests with a single click. One can also view current leave balance, reasons for leave requests and pending leave for each employee. The manager may also mention reasons for disapproving or unauthorized employee time off.

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