Deskera eLeave Legacy

Leave Reports

Leave Reports

Comprehensive leave reports to track leave status, employee attendance and more.

A report can be generated for individual users by selecting one from the drop down menu and specifying a date range.

Generate reports for leaves that have been taken in a given month. Make this report as granular as you want.

Add various leave types to the drop-down menu. Select leave type and a date range to generate detailed reports for leave on the basis of leave type.

Leave Repport Preview

Generate reports showing authorized and unauthorized leave by employees including leave type, remarks and duration. The report also displays whether the leave is paid or unpaid.

Paid and unpaid leave reports can be generated separately, and can include remarks, description, duration and leave types.

This report tracks planned and unplanned leave. It can also include remarks by an authorizing officer.

Generate leave reports for all leaves which have been applied for by groups of employees.

This comprehensive reporting feature enables you to view year-to-date snapshots of employee leave accounts. Run many types of reports by such variables as user, month, type, planned/unplanned, authorized/unauthorized, paid/unpaid leave. Management can also track employee attendance with updated attendance reports. Reports on employee information, current leave balances, leaves taken, leave requests made, overtime requests, and manual adjustments all made filterable by employee, locations, departments, job titles and hire types.

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