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Deskera eLeave

Effective and easy to use leave and attendance management for your organization.

Looking for a paperless and hassle-free solution for managing employee leaves? Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager might just be what you’re looking for! Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager is a comprehensive solution that automates and integrates the entire leave management process. Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce. With Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager, you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ leave and attendance details.

Leave and Attendance Management Software USA

Instant Leave Updates on Dashboard

Receive real time notifications on employee work timings, leave approval status, time-offs and absence.

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eLeave Management Software Solution

Manage Leave Policy and Leave Accrual Rules

Manage leave policy and accrual rules at different levels based on company, location, department or job title.

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Leave Management System Software

Paperless Leave Requests & Approvals

Eliminate paperwork by sending online leave requests. All staff leave requests are automatically routed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/reject with just a click.

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HR Leave Management Software
Leave Application Management Software

Holiday Calendar

Maintain a holiday calendar for multiple centers across the world. Add, modify or delete holidays specific to your organization’s needs.

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eLeave Management Software Solution

Resource Planning

Plan your resources by instantly checking who is on leave on our daily, weekly, and yearly calendars. Group your employees into teams, and see team views of your resources availability calendar.

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Leave and Attendance Management Software

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Get a complete history of the leave usage for all employees through intuitive reports. Identify the number of employees absent at any point in time to assess available resources.

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Attendance Management Software

Increase Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your team by saving time that is unnecessarily spent in sending email leave requests. Users will have a simple and user-friendly system to book their leave. At a glance, employees can see how much leave balance remains for their different leave types.

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