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CRM – Contact Management

A Contact Management tool should allow you to capture, monitor, store and track all critical information on your key stakeholders i.e. customers, prospects and partners. Furthermore, it should enable you to maintain up–to–date data on all activities happening for each of your contact…

CRM – Better Campaign Management

Campaign Management is an important feature of Deskera CRM. It allows you to reach out to your audience, identify people who respond, and close business with them. Key advantages of Deskera CRM – Campaign Management include…

Building Custom Reports in CRM

While certain reports might be relevant to certain organizations, e.g. Geographic distribution of Sales might be important for a company which operates in multiple areas, an organization with centralized operation might not find it as relevant. Similarly, with changing business priorities, certain reports might be required at certain times…

Email Campaigns – Compliance with CAN-SPAM Act 2003

Recent studies show that more than 2 billion people use email worldwide. That is nearly a quarter of the world population! It goes without saying then that it is important to have email campaigns as a part of an overall marketing strategy. Either in form of newsletters or promotional offers, emails provide a highly engaging form of communication…

CRM – Case SLA Management

Let’s take a look at the new enhancement – Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management for cases. With this functionality, SLAs could be defined for responding to cases created, with escalation rules to ensure follow up and timely closure…

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