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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management System works smartly to automate document storage.

Deskera eTraining - Document Management - Document Repository

Document Repository

Add a document in any format. View and manage documents uploaded for all training modules. Arrange files by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status and author.

Deskera eTraining - Document Management - Tagging


Add context to documents by assigning tags and creating virtual folders for quick and intuitive storage and retrieval. Easily add, edit and delete tags relevant to a document.

Deskera eTraining - Document Management - Search


Search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content with Deskera’s Full Text Search. Incorporate advanced enterprise search capabilities such as search-as-you-type, to obtain faster search results.

Deskera eTraining - Document Management - Share


Ensure secure collaboration and information distribution through permission-based sharing. Set permission to share user-generated or imported file guidelines with individuals in the network, selected individuals, or with everyone. Users with required access levels can download documents.

Document Management Preview

Managing important training documents can be one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business today. In Deskera’s Document Management, documents are held in a single repository that simplifies managing and retrieving the files when necessary. The feature allows you to add, import, share and categorize documents in multiple formats. It also processes business information effectively and efficiently to save on time. Access information anytime, anywhere, and manage it all from the convenience of a web-browser.

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