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Trainer Management

Trainer Management

End-to-end trainer management for hiring, training, career growth and much more.

Trainer Management helps you to capture each trainer’s skills set, educational background, work experience, and core competency, along with their personal details.

It helps you to manage part-time and full-time contracts of all the trainers in the organization. It also helps you to manage the contract renewals for every trainer, along with their salary designation.

Optimize work allocation to trainers and staff based on job type or for a specific occupation, and formulate time schedules for each staff member without conflicts. You can also customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific staff.

Trainer Management helps trainers to get a glimpse of the course information, such as course schedules and the location of equipment and resources needed. Trainer suitability for courses is identified and suggested based on requirements and faculty address.

Trainer Management preview

Deskera’s Trainer Management software allows you to maintain comprehensive trainer information, including qualifications, skill sets, and contract documents. You can also define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiration dates and more. Capturing trainer data in multiple ways results in data inconsistencies and raises questions about how best to enhance data quality, accuracy, security, ease and timeliness of reporting. Deskera’s Trainer Management software combines all this information in one spot which increases cost effectiveness.