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Are You Looking for an Alternative
to Quickbooks Online?

Deskera Books is easy to use online accounting software with integrated sales, billing, and inventory capabilities. Sign up for free and try this perfect alternative to QuickBooks Online by importing your data within a few minutes.

Enterprise-level tool suite.
Small business pricing.


Buy yearly and get 20% off on any plan

30-day free trial, No credit card needed

Import your Quickbooks data in 3 steps.

Deskera Vs. QuickBooks Online at a Glance


Invoice & Billing
Estimates & Purchase Orders
Multi Currency Accounting
Inventory Management
Track Inventory
Stock Adjustment
Pick, Pack and Ship
Stock Transfer
Multiple Warehouse
Bill of Material(BOM)
Batch and expiry tracking
Partial Fulfillment, Partial Goods Receipt
Integrated Business Platform
Advanced Inventory Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Payroll Management
Employee Expense Management
Employee Leave management
Deskera Website Builder
Affordable Pricing

Why Deskera Is a Better Alternative
to Quickbooks Online?

Complete Inventory Management Solution

Deskera Books offers a complete inventory management solution with features such as Pick Pack Ship, Dropship, Stock Transfer, Warehouse Management, Backorder, and more. These features are unavailable in Quickbooks Online.
Track your inventory in real-time as your stock is automatically updated when you fulfill and receive goods. Deskera Books has both inbuilt accounting and inventory features, which lets you manage both accounting and inventory for your business from the same application.
Due to the availability of accounting and inventory features, Deskera Books is a better alternative to Quickbooks online.

Integrated Business Platform

Deskera is all you need to run your business. Deskera has accounting, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll Management, Employee Expense Management, Employee Leave Management, Deskera Website Builder to manage all aspects of your business.
All Deskera Apps are integrated, letting business owners manage the entire business on one platform. Quickbooks Online does not have Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Employee Leave Management, Advanced Inventory features such as Warehouse Management, Stock Transfer, Pick Pack Ship, Dropship.
As Deskera lets you run the entire business from one platform, Deskera is a better alternative to Quickbooks Online.

Too many tools? Scattered workflow?


All-in-One Platform











No need to remember multiple passwords or train your employees on 4+ types of software.

With a Single Mobile App! Deskera replaces them all — giving you
access from a user-friendly mobile app.

Deskera All In One

One business software with everything: accounting, inventory, payroll, CRM.

Multiple Systems

Multiple vendors, limited integrations, large training costs, scattered workflows.

Save $1,000s every year in software costs.

Friendly Customer Support

Get quality customer service with Deskera’s friendly, reliable support team. Get free support over email, chat with every subscription purchase.

Get Real-Time Insights with Dashboard

Making the right business decision isn't always easy. Make better and faster decisions with real-time insights on your dashboard.
Keep a tab on your business with real-time updates on the dashboard. View everything related to sales, purchase, bank balances, cash flow, profit & loss, and more all at a glance.

Transparent Pricing

Deskera All-In-One Professional plan lets you run your entire business at an affordable cost. Choose the plan suitable for your business from the multiple subscription plans offered by Deskera.
Get free, reliable support and mobile app access with every subscription purchase. Stay with complete peace of mind as we have no hidden charges or extra charges for product updates.

Run Your Business with Award-Winning Mobile App

Do you worry about paying extra for a mobile app subscription? Deskera mobile app is free with the purchase of a web subscription. Deskera Mobile App is all you need to run your entire business anytime, anywhere.
Deskera mobile application has the features required by the business owners such as Accounting, Inventory Management, Inbuilt Compliance, Financial Reports, Payroll Management, Employee Leave Management, Employee Expense Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inbuilt Chat, etc.
Quickbooks Online has limited features available in the mobile app, so Deskera is a better alternative to Quickbooks Online.
Deskera Mobile App is the winner of the Webby Award Honoree at the 24th Annual Webby Awards. The award for Best Visual Design - Function under the Apps & Mobile Features Category.

Are You Looking for a Quickbooks Alternative
for Your Accounting Needs?

Deskera Books is an easy-to-use, simple, powerful accounting software designed for small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Deskera Books is a better alternative to Quickbooks as it is more affordable and easy to use.
Deskera is the preferred choice of small business owners as a QuickBooks alternative as it has all in one platform where you can run your entire business.

Why Deskera Books Is Better Alternative to Quickbooks Online?

Intuitive interface for minimal training
Better product management
Get paid faster with easy invoicing
Make smarter decisions with real time insights
No hidden charges
Get free automatic software updates
Easily switch from QuickBooks Online by importing data within minutes
Manage inventory across multiple warehouses
Customize the invoice with your own fields
Better order fulfillment with Pick, Pack and Ship
Batch and expiry date tracking
Integrate with multiple shipping carriers
Easy dropshipping

Improve Your Productivity

You can save 200+ hours annually by switching to Deskera. Sign up today to see the difference.


What is Accounting Software?

An accounting software, like Deskera Books, lets you record all your financial transactions and create journal entries. The journal entries are used to generate financial reports like balance sheet, income statement, trial balance etc.

Can I customize the look and feel of the invoice templates?

Yes, Deskera Books lets you customize the look and feel of the invoice template with the document designer feature.

Is Deskera like Quickbooks?

Yes and No. We have all the accounting features that Quickbooks have. Unlike Quickbooks, however, we have the complete suite of business applications like CRM, HRIS, and more.
Think of it this way — Quickbooks can help you with only your accounting, but Deskera will help you with improving your business with its integrated CRM, HRIS, Leave Management, and Expense Management.

Where is Deskera Books installed?

Deskera Books is a cloud-based invoicing, accounting and inventory software. So you have no need to install it on your machine, or go through the effort of configuring it for your business case. All you need is a device (PC, Mac, Mobile), a browser and an internet connection!

Can I use Deskera Books when I am away from the office?

Yes, Deskera Books iOS and Android mobile apps let you create invoices for your customers and track inventory wherever and whenever you need to.

Why should I use an online invoicing software?

With online invoicing software, you can create invoices on the go. Invoicing software gives you the convenience to work from anywhere.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can try Deskera Books for free for 30 days.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can try Deskera Books for free for 30 days. You can create professional, customized invoices during the trial period with the online invoicing software.

Can I use Deskera Books to create invoices on my Mac?

Yes, you can. All you need is a browser and an internet connection!

How safe is my data?

Your data is in good hands. We follow the gold standard in security with 256 bit SSL encryption. Your data is hosted on industry-leading cloud servers like AWS.

How can I connect my bank to Deskera?

Just add your bank name and provide the credentials to connect immediately. You can connect to over 5,000 banks worldwide with Deskera.