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Work With Flexible Pay Schedules

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Add Custom Earning and Deduction Components

Robust Employee Management

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Get More From Your Payroll Reports

Design Your Paystub, Payslip, Salary Slip

Send the Salary Straight to the Employee's Bank Account

Migrate Your Data Effortlessly

Be Compliant with Statutory Regulations

Manage Different Roles With Ease

Self-Service Portal That Your Employees Will Love

Create Off-Cycle Pay Runs


Can I run a monthly payroll with Deskera?

Yes, you just have to configure one field in your pay schedule to run a monthly payroll.

Can I run a weekly payroll with Deskera?

Yes, you just have to configure one field in your pay schedule to run a weekly payroll.

Does Deskera support hourly wage payroll?

Yes, Deskera lets you add the hourly rate for the employee in their profile and with that capture you need not worry about anything else as it will automatically calculate the payroll based on the hours your employee has worked.

Can I access my accounting from phone or tablets too?

Certainly. Download Deskera Mobile App and log in using your registered credential on the web account. You can view all your accounting data on your mobile device and tablets. (Deskera Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android).

What taxes will be calculated by Deskera?

For Singapore Deskera will handle CPF, FWL, SDL and voluntary contributions for the employee and the employer . We also help in generating the CPF E-submission file with all the relevant details to submit to CPF authorities.

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