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Leave TypesLegacy

Configure leave profiles based on designation, seniority and more, on Deskera’s Leave Types.

Define custom leave plans that include eligibility criteria, leave accrual amount, accrual limits, and leave balance accumulation periods. Effectively maintain employee leave details including leaves availed and leave balances.

Deskera eLeave simplifies the manager’s job of maintaining records for leave accrual as it automatically calculates leave entitlements based on the rules and policies set in the system. You can define different paid and unpaid leave types and attach separately defined accrual rules to these types to accrue leave in days or hours.

Leave Types Preview

Configure different leave types for employees based on their designation or seniority, for example, years of service in the organization. Once defined, these leave types can be used in all the future transactions related to leave. Accrual rules and policies can be easily set, as well as inherited at different levels, such as company, location or department, or even based on job title. It can also be customized for each employee if required.

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