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Statistics say that 7 out of 10 restaurants close after 3-5 years in business. Restaurants and cafes are a tough business to survive, and there are multiple reasons like location, competition, high staff turnover rates. Some of the biggest failures are attributed to incorrect pricing, lack of availability, an understanding of accurate numbers, and inadequate profit margins.

More often than not, restaurants need expert help and access to data to better understand numbers, expenses, inventory, and trends.

Deskera helps you run your restaurant/ cafe better. Designed to provide you the tools that get you a handle on your finances, people, and inventory.

It helps you make informed decisions.
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Real Time Stock Tracking
Deskera books helps you keep a very tight leash on the inventory and stocks as we understand that inventory management is the key to running a smooth operation of a cafe, bar, or restaurant.

Cafes and restaurants which can't keep tight control over the stock and inventory are likely to incur huge costs due to higher kitchen waste, ad-hoc purchases, theft, and pilferage.

Deskera dashboard provides you daily opening and closing reports of stock available, consumption, and each outlet's stock requirement.
Manage Multiple Storage Locations With Ease
Deskera Books helps you manage stock in the kitchen, pantry, and other storage locations with ease. Real-time visibility to where your stocks are located currently helps you plan your operations better.

You can plan your purchase orders better for stock items that have low levels of inventory.
Never Worry About Stock Theft
Employee theft is something that most restaurant owners encounter at one time or another. Deskera books provide you details of variance between the ideal stock that should be consumed during the day and the physical stock that is available at the end of the day. It helps you keep a check on theft and misappropriation in the kitchen.
Efficient Supplier Management
Large numbers of suppliers often lead to difficulty in finding the right suppliers for your stock items. Manage all suppliers easily with Deskera and track purchase history with each one of them to keep track of suppliers, which offer you the best rates.

Deskera allows you to define attributes and custom fields at the supplier level to help you rate your suppliers based on your past transactions with them. This enables you to control your expenses and improve business performance over time.
Design a Winning Menu
You can get crucial business insights into your financial transactions by allowing you to analyze the revenue you earn per item. You get access to data that helps you identify which of your menu items earn you the most income and are fast selling.

Insightful reports help you identify the stock items that are selling the least, thereby making informed decisions about changing your menu regularly.
Manage Contacts And Customer Relationships
In a cafe/restaurant business, the customer is the king. It is critical to map and maintain customer data diligently. Deskera CRM helps you Capture details, maintain contacts, schedule outreach, and grow your business.

Deskera allows you to stay in touch with your customers regularly using our bulk email features. Simple things like Tracking your customer's birthdays and anniversaries to share with them promotional offers and discounts.

Deskera tracks all customers and helps you analyze the sales pattern for your regular customers.
Send Schemes and Offer Related Bulk Emails
Deskera CRM allows you to create customized email templates to be shared with your customers. Share seasonal and festive promotional offers with your customers using our Bulk Email Campaign tool.

Schedule your email campaigns for important dates, helping you stay in touch with your customers regularly. Never miss out on an important date using our Schedule Email Campaigns feature.

Deskera helps you plan your future email campaigns and increase the number of repeat customers.
Automated Accounting and Tax Returns Simplified
Deskera Books helps you automate your entire accounting process. Your daily transactions impact your financial statements on a real-time basis, which means your accounting reports and transactions are updated at all times. Deskera allows you to create Journal Entries, even while using our Mobile App offering you greater flexibility.

Your statutory returns are prepared automatically at the end of each taxation cycle helping you improve your accuracy in creating these returns forms. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time and effort to be able to fetch real-time taxation returns as per need.
Real-Time Reports
Deskera offers a large number of reports which give crucial insights into your cafe/ Restaurant business. Access all reports, including financial reports online. View income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow statement, general ledger, and tax reports on your phone or desktop. Get detailed insight into your sales, purchase, and inventory. Splice your reports using defined custom fields.
Easy Bank Reconciliation
Reconciling your accounts is the most important aspect of bookkeeping for cafes and restaurants. It is the only way to know if you have recorded and accounted for all the transactions associated with your restaurant and thus ensuring accurate financial statements of cash flow.

Reconciliations for restaurants and cafes can be a very tedious task.

Deskera makes bank reconciliations for restaurants/ cafes much simpler. It connects your chart of accounts to your bank and gets real-time bank balance in your system. Our intelligent reconciliation engine makes it even easier by suggesting matches based on the amount, party, and date.
Integrated With Other Apps
Deskera offers the unique advantage to integrate with multiple channels and applications, helping you update the information seamlessly across all platforms via its Easy to Integrate capability.

Easily link up Deskera with your CRM tool or Attendance capturing devices with the Integration capabilities of Deskera Apps. Deskera offers a Marketplace with various inbuilt Integrations that can be directly used to integrate Deskera with other applications. We have made a strategic effort to ensure we offer Codeless Integration with different applications like Payment Gateways/Portals, Logistics Companies, eCommerce Platforms, Integration Platforms, etc, thereby further increasing the reach of our application.
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Satisfaction. Delivered

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