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Accounting Software That Runs With Ease

Cut your accounting time by 80% using
Deskera Books

Deskera Books makes time tracking, expense tracking and invoicing a BREEZE. Automation for invoicing, billing, expenses, payments, reporting and so much more.

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Accounting Software That Saves You Money

We're going to help you know where your money is going all the time. Connect your bank accounts and track both expenses and income with ease. We'll take care of compliance and resporting while you focus on running the business.

Get Paid Fast & Your Billings In Order

Create and send professional looking invoices from your phone or laptop in minutes. Use our invoice templates or design your own from scratch.

Our full-suite allows you to turn finalized quotes and estimates into invoices in one click. Get paid faster by using our Stripe, Veem or Paypal integrations.

Manage & Oversee Your Inventory

Our accounting software also serves your inventory needs. You can access and oversee all of your inventory needs in real time through Deskera. Whether it's picking, packing, shipping or dropshipping, we've got you covered.

Manage Sales & Orders With Ease

Manage your sales and orders from start to finish. Create estimates and convert them to invoices upon confirmation. Receive and record online payments automatically. Fulfill orders and keep track of your cost of goods sold. We make it a BREEZE.

Change To A Modern Experience With Ease

Just sign up for a new account with Deskera Books using your email or social authentication and half the work is done.

Get preconfigured accounting rules, invoice templates, tax codes, chart of accounts among other things. Jump in and start creating invoices and run your business.

Easily import your excel files or simply connect Deskera to your existing Xero or Quickbooks account for automatic import.

Beautiful, Professional Invoice Templates

Get ready to use professional and great looking templates for all transactions like invoice, quotations, orders, bills and payment receipts.

You can also imply build your own template in Word. Just upload and use your template to print or email PDFs to your contacts.

Manage Purchase Orders & Bills

Record purchase orders and bills in a few clicks. Keep track of your payables and expenses in one place.

Email purchase orders to your suppliers and receive goods on time to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Multi Currency Made Easy

Run a global business? We will help you maintain exchange rates for over 110 currencies.

Create your invoices and bills in multiple currencies. We also offer daily, weekly or monthly currency exchange rate updates so there are no surprises.

Easy Adjustment of Invoices & Bills

Easily adjust your invoices and bills when needed with credit and debit notes.

Create credit and debit notes when necessary for your customers and suppliers. Apply credit and debit notes against invoices and bills in one click to knock off outstanding amounts.

All the accounting entries are made automatically so you can focus on your business.

Record Upfront Payments

Record advance payments and deposits for your suppliers and customers in currency of your choice. Our invoicing software offers the flexibility that you need to serve your clients and customers how you see fit. Whether it's capturing a percentage of the scope up front or the entire cost - we will allow you to do it.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Get accurate tax reports and know your tax liability at all times. Tax is applied automatically to invoices and other documents according to local tax rules.

You can configure your tax codes for any country, or use inbuilt tax compliances for the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia (Australia, Canada, and Japan coming soon).

Unlimited Real Time Reports

Access all reports, including financial reports online.

View income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow statement, general ledger and tax reports on your phone or desktop.

Get detailed insight into your sales, purchase and inventory. Splice your reports using custom fields.

Add Your Accountants for Free

Simply enter your accountant’s email and invite them to use the system.

Control the access rights for team members with our simple yet powerful role based access system.

And you get free users too!

Auto Journal Entries

All transactional journal entries, like invoice or forex gain/loss are automatically created and mapped to the correct general ledger account for proper reporting. We want you to focus on the business and keep the accounting work easy!

Deskera CRM

The platform to grow your

Capture more leads with email blasts and no-code landing pages. Close deals faster with sales automation & provide world-class customer support with email and chat helpdesk.

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A Million Contacts. No Problem.

Add as many contacts as you want - a million, 10 million - no problem. The more contacts you have, the more you sell.

Import existing contacts via excel, drop them in via webhooks or capture them via landing pages on your website. Add as many fields as you want.

Fetch additional data using webhooks. All the contact information you need to track in one place.

Create Conversion Funnels Effortlessly

Build conversion funnels to drive your visitors towards paid conversions, upsells, and cross-sells.

Select a high-conversion funnel template, or create one from scratch. Build as many funnels as you want.

Track the performance of each step in the funnel and optimize it based on actionable data.

Engage With Email Campaigns

Run beautiful email broadcast campaigns to engage your prospects, leads, customers, or contacts.

Select one of the awesome email templates, pick the target segment and send it. Track open and click rates and compare performance across different campaigns and segments.

Capture Leads with Custom Forms

Create and reuse forms on any webpage. Just select a template, add fields, save the form, and you are all set!

Segment the leads captured automatically based on which forms they came from, so you have a clean, clear view of all your contacts.

You can add the built-in fields or create your field based on types such as text, number, date and more. Moreover, redirect visitors to your desired URL once the form is submitted.

Design Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

Build super-fast, beautiful, responsive landing pages in minutes without coding.

Use one of the high-performing built-in templates or create your own.

Map the pages to your desired domain and add tracking scripts as needed.

Build lead magnets, product pages, registration pages, opt-in pages, and more to give your marketing the boost it needs.

Close Deals Faster with Sales Pipelines

Act on and close deals faster. Just set up activities and get reminded when it is time.

Move deals around different stages of your sales pipeline as they mature, and keep a close eye on the critical ones.

Build your custom pipeline to mirror your sales funnel and let your sales team go full throttle.

Automate Marketing Tasks

Design automation workflow based on triggers such as when a visitor submits a form or a new contact is added.

Add a sequence of steps that must happen once the workflow is triggered, such as sending an email or creating a new deal.

Don’t spend countless hours on manual tasks; automate lead follow-ups, nurturing, and repetitive tasks in a few minutes.

Smart Segmentation

Each contact is different. The person who downloaded the free eBook needs a different approach from the person who signed up for a free trial or added a product to the cart.

Segmentation makes this possible.

Add contacts to the desired segments automatically. Run personalized campaigns for different segments, or just split a segment into two for some good old A/B testing.

Get Real-Time Insights with Dashboard

Making the correct business decision isn’t always easy. Stay up-to-date with real-time sales insights on the dashboard.

View open and won deals statistics, deal status by team members, activity reminders, and more at a glance on the dashboard. Track your deals and monitor team progress with an intuitive dashboard.

Stay Proactive about Customer Support

Track and solve customer support tickets in one place with ease. Categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets to your support team.

Connect your support email in Deskera to receive and respond to customer issues and queries.

Create custom ticket views by selecting assignee, priority, status, and more. Set up custom views to see relevant tickets on your ticketing dashboard.

Build a Helpdesk for Your Customers

Reduce support tickets and empower customers to find the answers they need by creating a smart knowledge base. Create and manage articles and sections according to your needs.

Brand your helpdesk by uploading your company’s banner and logo. Create a repository of articles so that your customers can find answers by themselves.

Accelerate Productivity

View all your activities in a calendar view to plan your day efficiently. Schedule activities, tasks, meetings, emails, and more with your contacts or deals. Receive instant reminders and notifications for overdue activities.

Create, manage, and track activities for your team members on the Deskera web and mobile app. Follow up on your deals and contacts by creating linked activities.

Manage Your Team Effectively

Organize your sales staff into teams to track their performance. Create different teams to get a clear picture of the deals and activities they are working on.

Evaluate sales team performance by viewing real-time insights on your dashboard. Set records visibility by the team so that they are only visible to your team.

Grow Your Business On The Go

Sales & marketing teams are frequently on the move or working remote. It is crucial to share real-time updates, even if you are not near your laptop so that you never miss a sales opportunity.

With Deskera’s mobile app, you can manage the sales and marketing of your business while you are on the go.

All Business Systems Integrated in One Place

Gone are the days when you used multiple systems for your business—a system to manage customers, another for employees, another for books, and so on.

Deskera has built-in integrated systems to avoid complex, time-consuming, and expensive integration processes. Your CRM system comes integrated with accounting, payroll, and HR software.

Deskera People

The platform to automate your

Hire and onboard employees. Give them access to the self-service portal for leaves, attendance, and expenses. Process payroll faster with built-in tax calculations.

Start 15 days trial

All Job Applicants at One Place

Maintain a centralized database of all applicants to follow up and build relationships. Capture a well-rounded profile of the applicant with custom fields.

Access the information about all applicants on one screen. Search the desired applicants using filters.

If you want to share this information with other people or systems, just export everything, and you are ready.

Make Customized Job Applications

Create and manage your company’s job openings in one place. Make job form questions using custom fields and test applicants based on your requirements.

Share the job on email, social media or other channels.

Once the applicant fills up the form, they are automatically added to the applicants’ database and assigned to the correct stage in the job pipeline. So, the whole hiring team is on the same page.

Design Hiring Workflow the Way You Want

Define your hiring workflow using the job pipelines to know the exact application status and quickly review your hiring team’s progress.

Create various stages in the hiring workflow such as “screening”, “interviewed”, etc. and move candidates in the workflow through simple drag and drop.

You can create multiple job pipelines for different interview processes assigned to different job roles.

Flexible Pay Schedule

Select the payroll schedule and pay different groups of employees/contractors on different pay schedules, such as weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and more

Process salary on the last day of the week, month, or choose a custom pay date for the schedule, allowing you the flexibility for handling all industry-specific pay frequencies.

Personalized Dashboard For All

Whether you are an employee, manager or admin, you will see a personalized dashboard.

Get up-to-date and relevant data about payroll in one screen with info such as previous pay run and estimates of the upcoming one.

Check out the snapshot of your hiring efforts with candidates, job pipelines and more.

Employees can easily clock in and clock-out attendance through the dashboard.

Custom Pay Package with Custom Components

Create and assign custom pay components to an employee based on your requirements. Set up employee bonuses, voluntary deductions, and many such components.

Deskera People will identify those components assigned to the employee and automatically calculate the wages. It also takes specific conditions configured in each component, like pre and post-tax deductions.

We have added the most common payroll components used by small businesses, so you can be up and running soon after adding your employees.

Robust Employee Management

Maintain detailed records for each employee, including personnel details, payroll, leaves and more, to smartly access and analyse it faster.

Visualize employees’ essential information at a glance with the employee grid. With sorting options embedded in each grid column, getting the information you want is easy.

Detailed information is available on-click of any employee. The information is split into three - personal details, components, and compliance to ensure clarity.

Onboard Your Company in Minutes

We understand that switching providers or starting payroll can be time-consuming. So we built a seamless startup wizard to help you reach your end goal of running payroll faster.

With three simple steps, your basic setup is complete.

After this, you will find a slew of helpful hints peppered across the system to explore and finish your setup quickly with Deskera People.

Get Better Insights from your Payroll Reports

Obtain detailed insights into your payroll processes. Review employee information, payroll tax obligations, and much more with a medley of payroll reports.

Select the appropriate filters and customize reports to suit your needs. Export the generated reports in multiple file formats with ease.

Sustain your clean legal compliance history and generate reports for the tax officials.

Deskera People provides the withholding forms with the correct info for an employee or a contractor within a couple of clicks.

Design Your Own Custom Paystub/Payslip/Salary Slip

Build your own pay stub with our intuitive and flexible pay stub designer. Deskera People provides you with the tools and templates necessary.

The pay stub designer employs a simple drag and drop mechanism where you can add shapes and sections by moving them into the template where it is required. Furthermore, there is a default placeholder to incorporate your company’s logo, as well as colour and font options to boot.

Send Salary to Employee’s Bank Account

With the Deskera People Direct Deposit service, we can start the payment immediately after processing payroll. Just capture the employee’s bank account details, and you’re set.

With our flexible payment schedules, you can pay the employees strictly on your chosen day. Make the process painless and straightforward with an automated workflow of paying your employees.

Effortless Migration of Your Data

Easily migrate from your existing setup. Import all your employees using one of our templates. It takes three steps to upload the data.

Step 1: Download the template

Step 2: Add the details in the template

Step 3: Review the data mapping, and that’s it!

Yes, it is that simple; we handle everything else. The import function also involves updating the employees’ salary details according to payroll components.

Be Compliant with Statutory Regulations

Transfer all your existing data seamlessly into Deskera People with little to no effort.

Deskera People helps you maintain compliance with statutory requirements. Inbuilt statutory and tax compliances for USA, India and Singapore, with more coming soon. Get your W-2, W-4, 1099 for the USA or CPF, IRAS reports for Singapore or EPF, ESI for India.

Manage Different Roles with Ease

Strict role-based access management gives you complete control over who can see what.

Ensure data integrity by granting users role-based access to the specific modules they need. Each role is also their particular dashboard, handing them vital information in one place.

Deskera People helps manage roles and privileges by including them in their subscription plans so that you only need to pay for the roles you need.

Track Real-Time Attendance Without Hassle

Give your employees an easy way to mark their presence whether they are in the office or working on the go. Deskera mobile app helps you do precisely that.

The in-built attendance system in Deskera lets you track the number of working hours, and the same is used while processing payroll automatically without any hassles.

Handle Bonus, Commissions & More With Off-Cycle Pay Runs

An Ad-Hoc Pay run will help you process the payments for a terminated employee, rectify or make adjustments to the pay run processed before, and additional payments such as bonuses and commissions.

All you have to do is add the specific employees to the Ad-Hoc pay run, select the payday with the work period, and that’s it.

Deskera People anticipates each company will have unique scenarios for using this functionality. That’s why it provides maximum flexibility.

Default Leave Policy - Be Ready From the Get-Go

Preset with mandatory employment leave types for various countries, leave the hassle of setting it up in Deskera. (Childcare leave, Annual leave, Maternity leave, etc.) We handle all leave requisites as defined by the country regulators.

Suppose you want to edit the leave policies to offer your employees more than the minimum requirement. In that case, Deskera People enables you to change them wherever necessary with multiple options from the form available.

Create Custom Leave Policies

One leave policy does not suit all organizations’ needs, so Deskera People allows you to create as many policies in the system as you require.

You can set up your leave policy with carry forward, change accruals based on the period, enable leave policy only for certain people in the company, use Year of Service based entitlement, or even create a unique policy for every employee.

Simplified Approval Workflow

Need to keep the right people informed? No problem. You don’t need to worry about whether a manager receives an employee’s request. With automated notifications in Deskera People, no request goes unanswered or unseen.

Once the employee submits a leave request, managers can approve it instantly with a click of a button straight from the Dashboard. They can even explain if the application was denied or needs modifications.

Efficient User Management with Teams

While creating teams, you can map a group of employees with a manager. While setting up an approval might be difficult and complex, it is as simple as setting up the manager for the team created, and you are good to go.

All the employees are added to “Default Team” by default. It makes life simpler if you just want one person to approve all the leaves.

Create Custom Calendars and Work Week

You can quickly create your custom calendar with the holidays assigned based on the geographical region and the company’s requirements. It only requires a couple of clicks to add your holidays, and once you save, it will reflect on the Dashboard and the company calendar.

You can also set up your company’s default workweek in Deskera People to help make the leave application process smoother.

Leave Application is a Breeze

How many leaves do I have?” is a common question every time you apply for a leave. With Deskera People, you can sit back and see all the leave types assigned and their balances right in your Dashboard. You can put down your calculator.

Apart from the Dashboard, you can also view the accurate leave balances in the leave application screen, making it handy to discern your leave details.

Automation to the Rescue

Our leave module will be able to take care of allocating accruals, carry-forwards, and all the other complicated calculations that your leave policy generates for employees at specific intervals.

You can set up your employees to automatically increase their accruals once they hit a certain number of months/years of service with your company.

Are you allowing carry-forwards at the start of a new anniversary/calendar year? Or maybe your users are receiving their entire balance again? Deskera People can accommodate multiple scenarios.

Employee Self-Service is a Pleasure

Employees can view their payslips, apply for time off, and file their claims and expenses online. The leave application process is pretty straightforward as the leave types assigned to employees are visible in the Dashboard, and based on the same, one can apply with a single click.

The status of employee requests will also be visible in the Dashboard. They can re-apply for leaves or follow up with the manager for rejected leaves.

Snap and Upload Your Expense

Are you tired of manually inputting all your claims data?. Well, no more, with just one Snap of the receipt, the details such as vendor, date, and price are automatically coded and queued into the claims request.

Whether you are on your mobile or your computer, upload the image in your claim, and within seconds Deskera People can get the data from the receipts. You can also enter the expense details manually and save them with no image.

Your Expenses at a Glance

Get up-to-date and relevant data regarding all your expenses and requests on one screen. The clean Dashboard depicts all the recently processed claims and requests. A graphical interface illustrates the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly expense claim trends.

Get your insights into your expenses by viewing the breakdown of group claims and categories, indicating their net spend and behaviours.

Deskera People enables managers to assess everything assigned to them in the Dashboard. Employees can view the pending claims for review and the status of their claims.

Quicken the Claims Request Process

Managing expenses and claims has never been faster. Record your expense anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices with Deskera People and upload the image to avoid filling the data.

Submit the claim from any of the multiple devices you have access to at that moment. Managers will never miss an expense request with notifications and a dashboard that shows a claim’s status.

Make Informed Decisions with Detailed Reporting

Expenses can quickly grow out of control, but you don’t want to put a stop to doing business. Deskera People’s expense system generates the reports and visualizations you need to analyze and make informed decisions on managing expense costs.

All these reports are right in your Dashboard, making it easier to access and decide based on data.

Create Custom Categories to Organize Expenses

Deskera People makes it easy to keep track of your spending by breaking down your business expenses into categories.

You can create a Custom category to organize expenses specific to your business’s unique requirements.

Like food, travel, accommodation, to name a few, the categories help drill down into understanding how your organization can better utilize their expense spending. Like all our reports, you can also find this on the Dashboard.

Seamless Integration With Deskera Applications

Manage all your expenses with our expense module integrated with our accounting application Deskera Books.

You can configure your expenses so that you don’t need to manually enter them in the accounting application all the time, as Deskera People will take care of them automatically.

Simplified Roles & Privileges

A straightforward approval flow with distinct roles will help make the request and claims easy and quick to process.

The employee and managers will have their dashboards, letting them understand what they can and can’t do instantly.

An employee will be able to submit a claim and view the status of all the submitted claims.

A manager assigned to the employee will have the employee’s function and permissions to view, accept and reject the claims assigned.

All Business Systems Integrated in One Place

Gone are the days when you used multiple systems for your business—a system to manage customers, another for employees, another for books, and so on.

Deskera has built-in integrated systems to avoid complex, time-consuming, and expensive integration processes. Your CRM system comes integrated with accounting, payroll, and HR software.
What's New
You get all future updates, features & benefits for free if you sign up today!

Performance Appraisal

Create an open and engaging office culture with structured performance appraisals. Deskera People shares the performance feedback with your employees to ensure their development.

Pay Contractors

Simplify and streamline contractor payments with Deskera People with Direct Deposit coming as a standard, making sure the contractors are paid on time is a smooth process. You can also track and report on all the contractor payments in one system.

Benefits Management

Deskera People wants to help small businesses better manage their employee needs. So we are going beyond payroll into benefits.

We are developing a service that simplifies the way HR's and benefit administrators select the right insurance plan and coverage to offer employees.

Create Custom Checks

Print your own custom checks and pay your employees with them with our new custom designer. It allows you to add sections and company logo to your checks with simple drag and drop functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 15 day trial work?
You have full access to the selected product and plan features during the 15 days. You can invite your team-mates and other users to be a part of the trial w/o restrictions.
What will happen to my account once the trial is over?
Don't worry, we will remind you when your trial is about to end. You can choose to subscribe to any available plan and enter payment details for the account to remain active. In case you choose not to subscribe within the trial period, the individual products will be inaccessible. You will still be able to go the Admin section and can choose to subscribe for any available plan and it will give you the appropriate access.
How often will I have to pay for renewal/subscription?
The payment frequency will depend on the subscription contract you choose. We have two options, Annual and Monthly. If you go for an annual subscription, you will get an immediate 20% off and will have to renew only after the annual subscription period is over. If you go for a monthly subscription, the payment will be charged each month.
Can I upgrade/change the plan any time?
You can upgrade/change any time and we will adjust the difference. Please note that if you are moving to a lower plan, you may end up losing access to some of your data/features that may be available only in the higher plans.
What are users? What are power users? What are free users?
A User is anyone who can access the system. A user can be a power user or a free user. Power Users are users with advanced access rights in the system. e.g. access to add/edit/delete other users, approving leaves, approving expenses, accessing financial reports. Free users are users with controlled access rights e.g. They can create and send invoices, they can manage deals, contacts, and can apply for leaves, expense reimbursements, and view their paystubs/payslips.
What is the limit on no. of free users?
You can add upto 5 free users to Deskera Books and Deskera CRM. And you can add upto 15 employees to Deskera People. If you need to add more, please contact us..
When will you start billing me?
Your billing will start as soon as you enter your payment details in the system.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel a monthly subscription any time. The account will become inactive at the end of the billing cycle, so you have sufficient time to transfer or download any data.
How safe is my data?
We use TLS security encryption which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the Internet.
How can I get support?
We have email and chat support available for you. You can either send an email to our helpdesk care@deskera.com or chat live with us from within the system or from our website by using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.
How can I get a demo?
We run daily webinars on running your business with Deskera. We show the system and its features in these interactive sessions that last for around 1 hr. Book one today to see how we can help you.