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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Deskera CRM enables superior customer relationship management, saving time & cost and also increasing your sales.

Sales Content Management

Deskera CRM makes sure your sales executives have easy access to winning sales collateral, right within your CRM application.

Sales Lead Management

Optimize your lead management. Make sure that all your leads are up-to-date. Convert more leads to accounts!

CRM Demo

Try out Deskera CRM demo for free and learn how Deskera CRM can help you increase Sales.!

Sales Forecasting

Use Deskera CRM’s rich Sales Reports to forecast and analyze your sales – Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities - and marketing campaigns.

Sales Management Tools

Use a multitude of Deskera’s tools for helping your sales process – Configurable email templates, Custom Fields, Conditional Formatting, Quote or Quotation management, document management, and more.

CRM Best Practices

Learn about CRM best practices from the perspective of Mobility, Customer Experience and Social CRM within you enterprise.

Sales Management Software

Improve sales effectiveness with sales force automation using Deskera CRM.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Improve lead management, sales tracking, sales forecasting, and more, with Deskera CRM – as easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Sales Tracking Software

Deskera CRM’s efficient sales tracking helps you analyze sales leads, opportunities, weighted pipe-lines, and more.

Sales Contact Management

With online contact management, Deskera CRM gives your company a comprehensive view of each of your customers.

Project Management (PM)

Multiple Project Portfolio Management

Performing multiple tasks is common for Project team members in SMEs, with the same personnel performing administrative, sales, marketing and production tasks all at once. Deskera provides you with an easy way to organize and monitor all your projects in one workspace by department, client, product, etc.

Project Document Management

Most valuable project data is generally in your team's desktop files, and emails. Deskera helps you get all your team's tasks, e-mail discussions, schedules, Gantt charts and files into one project workspace. The necessary information is thus easily accessible to all involved team members anytime, anywhere.

Project Team Collaboration

With access to the up-to-date project information, multiple time zones and geographical regions can easily be managed using Deskera. Real-time updates of the project information and completion status in Deskeralets your teams collaborate on issues and proactively act on the changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project Calendars

Deskera's Calendar integration makes your life much easier. It automatically brings all tasks from your outbox into a hub shared with your team, giving you a complete picture of all the work so that you know which tasks are done, in process or need a reminder.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Performance Management

Deskera Performance Management allows you to align, assess, and optimize workforce performance with reliable Goal and Competency management features.

Organization Management

Organization Management enables you to model and analyze your workforce accurately using your company’s unique parameters and criteria.

Compensation Management

Deskera Compensation Management enables you to design, manage, and adjust compensation programs to meet your global benefits and compensation requirements.

Personnel Administration

Deskera HRMS Personnel Administration System provides an integrated and centralized employee database with filtered search capabilities.

Appraisal Management

Deskera HRMS Appraisal Management Software lets you assign weights to key goals and competencies based on job requirements and business imperatives.

HRMS Payroll Management Module

HRMS Payroll management software is designed to address the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements ensuring accurate, faster and efficient payroll processing.

HRMS Recruitment Management Module

HRMS Recruitment Module is a comprehensive web based recruiting and talent management solution that streamlines and accelerates entire hiring process from identifying current vacancies, creating job postings, tracking applications, scheduling interviews, selecting candidates to managing joining process of new employees.

Performance Appraisal Module

HRMS Performance Appraisal Module allows you to align your workforce with organizational goals and track relevant milestones or key employee performance indicators throughout the year.

Timesheet Management Module

With HRMS Timesheet Management, recording of employee tasks on a time-line becomes much simpler, faster and accurate.

Personnel Administration Module

HRMS Personnel administration is primarily concerned with the organization of human resources. Hence, the basic objective of personnel administration is to utilize the available human resources in a way so as to get the work done effectively and achieve the organizational goals.

Employee Self Service

HRMS Employee Self Service (ESS) provides a host of relevant personalized services directly to Employee Dashboards. Employees can view information pertaining to them and manage their daily tasks from a single, secure web based platform.


Purchase Management

End-to-end management of Purchase Process from creating Purchase Order to making Payments.

Sales and Billing Management

End-to-end management of Sales and Billing Process from creating Sales Order to receiving Payments

Customer and Vendor Management

Effectively manage Vendor Details through Vendor Management.

Product Management

Inventory Management Software, Complete Product Overview including price and inventory details.

Account Management

Configure and maintain account details, record financial transactions and more

Financial Reports

Financial Reports to generate Financial Statements in real time and drill down for details