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Project Management

Project Management System Benefits

Deskera project management software puts you in control of your projects. Deskera's interactive Gantt Chart and easy-to-use interface give you a comprehensive visibility into project operations and allow you to align the daily tasks of employees with the overallproject objectives. With Deskera, your workforce gets an effective collaboration environment to become more productive and deliver timely results.

Benefits for Project Managers

Deskera project management software gives you an up-to-date picture of project status and automates a lot of routine work for better project management. Deskera's interactive and visually rich Project planning tool creates tasks and builds lucid Gantt Charts - even automatically from your to-do list. Deskera's Project management provide powerful planning, reporting and customization capabilities. With Deskera's project task tracking feature, you can keep track of your team members' time and effectiveness.

Benefits for Project Teams

Deskera Projectmanagement software makes you more productive as a Project team member. Deskera gives you instant access to important project information and sends you reminders to help you meet deadlines. It reduces the documentation and scheduling overheads associated with planning and remembering tasks. Deskera works nicely with your emails and enhances your everyday email communications with a Web-based collaboration platform. Deskera's web interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use.

Project Management Software for SMEs

In a small or mid-sized company, the entire team needs to be productive with the members wearing many hats. Deskera is built to make multitasking efficient, helping you to stay in control of your simultaneoustasks and jobs.

Thousands of small and midsize businesses rely on Deskera in managing resources across many simultaneous projects.

Multiple project portfolio management

Performing multiple tasks is common for Project team members in SMEs, with the same personnel performing administrative, sales, marketing and production tasks all at once. Deskera provides you with an easy way to organize and monitor all your projects in one workspace by department, client, product, etc.

Project Document Management

Most valuable project data is generally in your team's desktop files, and emails. Deskera helps you get all your team's tasks, e-mail discussions, schedules, Gantt charts and files into one project workspace. The necessary information is thus easily accessible to all involved team members anytime, anywhere.

Project Team collaboration

With access to the up-to-date project information, multiple time zones and geographical regions can easily be managed using Deskera. Real-time updates of the project information and completion status in Deskeralets your teams collaborate on issues and proactively act on the changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Deskera's Calendar integration makes your life much easier. It automatically brings all tasks from your outbox into a hub shared with your team, giving you a complete picture of all the work so that you know which tasks are done, in process or need a reminder.