All your most important contacts managed.

Unified reporting for your data with comprehensive financial reports and statements.

Contacts and Cards

Customers are the nexus of everything in our CRM software. We let you add customers, vendors and other prospects and monitor them at a glance. Since our contacts are intrinsically tied to our business documentation, you can maintain relationships while getting an overview of how much business was conducted with each customer or create new ones in your database that are all synced on the cloud and available wherever you are. Create organizations, import bulk contacts, customize existing contacts and map them out for your deals, there are many possibilities.


A good schedule is one that you can manage. With our Activities feature you view your work calendars all filled up with activities as and when they are added to the system. Aiming to aid with proper planning and segregation so you can keep your productivity high, you can assign tasks or look at tasks assigned to you and track progress till it’s complete. As an admin user, you can let users create their activities, view the tasks they are assigned to, update their calendars, and archive their jobs on completion. Grid and tile layouts give you visual flexibility to sort and let you focus on what deals matter the most.


The Dashboard has always been our most requested feature. Helping businesses increase data transparency and enable better decision making, every Deskera CRM customer gets a comprehensive and straightforward insight into their current and potential sales to make decisions on. We provide real-time information on what’s happening in the company through 3 dashboards.

  • Operational Dashboard

    Access your daily information here. Monitor and track the key performance indicators of your users. The data here is updated frequently and lets the user view it multiple times throughout the day.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    Aimed at strategic analysis, this dashboard lets users analyze a large volume of data and users to investigate business patterns, project outcomes, and discover new strategic initiatives to expand on.

  • Strategic Dashboard

    Aimed at executives, the strategic dashboard lets you track the key performance index (KPI) of your users. You take better business decisions based on the data available to you. Split into different filters and ways to navigate the system you stay on top of your game.


An integral part of Deskera’s CRM is pipelines. Built to track the number of leads received and the number of deals closed. A pipeline represents the different stages of the journey that a prospect will go through, to convert from a deal to a new customer. Once the prospect completes each stage, they will progress to the next stage. Different companies can customize their pipelines and products. Every pipeline stays unique depending on what you sell whether that’s a pipeline for automation, business development or real estate deals.

More data than you can handle.

Finance enthusiasts need breakdowns so everything from financial reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements, general ledger, trial balance, statement of accounts are all available.

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