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User Administration

Efficient​ User Administration Tools to control User Permissions, Announcements and much​ more.

Management Software for User Permissions Management

Assign User Permissions

Assign user permissions to view, manage and edit project, user and company details. User permissions specify what tasks users can perform and what features users can access. You can assign or remove permission for a single user from user permissions.

Project Management Software with Corporate Announcements

Make Announcements

Group communication is easy with announcements. Announcements can be directed to specific users, members in a particular project or the entire organization.

Project Management Software for Project Assignment

Assign Projects

You can easily search and add a user to one or more projects. Users can view project members assigned to same project. Project members can be managed based on availability of resources and projects on board from Project Administration.

Deskera's PM Software for User Administration Dashboard on a Tablet

Assign user permissions to view, manage and edit project, user and company details. Make announcements for user-defined groups or project members. Easily search and add users to active projects. Manage user roles and access permissions easily through User Administration. This feature also allows you to easily assign users to a project and make announcements for any group of project members.

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