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Student ManagementLegacy

Student Management Legacy

Student Management software for managing the entire student life-cycle, from application to graduation.

Applications and Admissions

Maintain a comprehensive list of all application details. Define course specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection.

Automatic Approval/Rejection Rules

Define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Configure rules and conditions for provisional registration.

Student Profiling

Maintain comprehensive details of all students, including faculty adviser details and funding methods. Capture applications from various sources across the web, including university websites.

Multiple Funding Methods

Deskera’s Student Management software allows you to manage and maintain funding records of students. Multiple funding methods may include self-funded, sponsored candidates, and scholarship plans.

Student Management Preview

All registrations for a particular course are recorded and collated automatically. Receive information on learning centers, classrooms and other physical and online facilities.

Discipline Management

Record malpractice and unacceptable student behavior in exams and other learning activities.

Alumni Management

Manage alumni membership requests and donations. Track donations and gifts offered by alumni.

Student Management software enables you to carry out a host of activities related to student life-cycles, ranging from admission to alumni management. Furthermore, you can manage and maintain funding records of students, carry out quick and efficient registration for terms, courses, hostels, study material, and more.
In a nutshell, Deskera’s Student Management features enable you to create and share your personal and professional profile with contacts, post latest updates and messages on your personalized “wall”, and integrate your photo album with popular photo album sites such as Flikr, and more.

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