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Growing distribution businesses are often unable to scale due to manual systems or Software solutions not equipped to handle the complex needs of wholesale distribution systems. This finally impacts profitability and growth margins.

Deskera understands the issues your distribution business is facing, and our business software solves each one of them for you

 • Information based on unreliable data
 • Inefficient inventory utilization
 • Ineffective order processes and inaccuracies
 • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues

 • Manual processes that cannot scale

Designed keeping in mind the wholesale sector's requirements, it provides you with an efficient yet comprehensive single view dashboard of accounting, customers, orders, products, and inventory. What's most helpful is that you can access this on the go with the Deskera mobile App.

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Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouse

Deskera understands whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses across locations- tracking inventory is the biggest challenge a distribution business faces.

You can track stock and Inventory along with the Warehouse location with Deskera Books. You can define product attributes like color, size, brand, etc. as per your segment's need. track reorder levels, serials & batches for your SKUs.

You can also add product images and barcodes to quickly scan the products in transactions and generate invoices & orders.

Maintain multiple Warehouses and get instant reports on stock levels in each of the warehouses.

Track Purchase Orders and Bills

Deskera allows distributors to create purchase orders and email them directly to your vendors. Track the status of each of the purchase orders to find out if goods have been delivered.

Monitor your purchase cycle by raising purchase bills and if payments have been made against them or not. Raise purchase returns and debit notes swiftly by linking them with the purchase invoices.

Manage advance payments made to Vendors and link them with Purchase Bills to track the entire purchase cycle in a single place.

Raise Instant Quotations And Save Time

Distributors can save precious time by raising sales quotations and sharing them instantly with your customers. Books allows you to convert quotations into sales invoices quickly.

You can track if customers have made payments against the invoices. The warehouse team can then plan the delivery against each invoice or quote.

You can directly ship the goods or follow a Pick-Pack-Ship process. Integrate your logistics partner with Deskera to quickly generate AWB tracking numbers and increase your operations' efficiency.

You can also track advance payments received from your customer and credit notes raised against sales returns.

Globally Tax Compliant

Deskera offers a 100% taxation compliant solution that allows you to generate tax-compliant invoices and quickly prepare taxation returns at the end of each taxation cycle. The returns are in a ready to consume format, which means you can utilize them to file them on the Govt portals directly.

Simple Bank Reconciliation

You can connect your chart of accounts to your bank and get real-time bank balance in your system.

Use bank feeds to compare and reconcile against deposits and expenses in the system.

Our intelligent reconciliation engine makes it even easier by suggesting matches based on the amount, party, and date.

The bank reconciliation takes place within minutes and also helps in finding out the missing transactions.

Simplified Sales And Purchase Returns

Manage all sales returns and purchase returns from a single screen. You can link the credit notes and debit notes with the sales invoices and purchase bills, respectively, to keep track of all transactions related to each other in a single place.

The Inventory updates itself whenever you create a returns transaction.

Business On The Go

The Deskera Mobile app allows the users to manage all tasks quickly from the mobile screen. Generate invoices and orders quickly from the Mobile App and share them with your stakeholders.

Print the transactions directly from the Mobile App and attach Files or images with transactions.

The mobile app also allows you to add multiple branches of your Business and maintain books of accounts separately for each of the branches. View reports while On the Go on your Mobile and take necessary actions.

Track & Customize Sales Pipeline To Match Your Process

Track all your deals via the deals pipeline.

Deals Pipeline categorizes deals into multiple stages. Focus on the ones which are near conversion to maximize your Revenues.

One To Many Email Marketing

As a wholesale distributor, you have a large number of clients. Informing them about the schemes & promotional offers is critical. In addition to this, staying in regular touch with customers is essential for any business.

Deskera allows you to curate marketing content as per your design format and sends it across to your target audiences. You can schedule marketing campaigns and track the performance of each of the campaigns.

Deskera Sales gives you an analysis of each of these campaigns to understand how many readers opened up your emails.

Automate the Payroll and Leave Process

Manage the entire payroll cycle effectively via Deskera People.

Define the payroll structure as per your organization and automate the payroll processing every month. Our self-service modules e-Leaves and e-Claims allows users to apply for leaves and enter their expenses easily. Raise leave requests directly from our app and scan bills to raise expense claims.

What our Customers Say About Us

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At GoDo, we understand that managing our finances and customer relationships is essential for our success. Deskera has provided us with an easy to use and intuitive platform that has enabled us to access our financial data, track customer relationships, and manage our finances with ease. We have been able to streamline our processes, better manage our finances, and stay on top of our customer relationships. We highly recommend Deskera to any business that is looking to stay organized and efficient.

Wesley Wright

CEO, GoDo Life

We are extremely pleased with our decision to switch to Deskera and have seen a significant improvement in our business operations since making the switch. The sales process was smooth from start to finish and customer support at every step of the implementation was stellar. Highly recommend Deskera to those looking for a great ERP solution.

Wally Mears

CEO, The Jungle

At Disruptive, our goal is to provide our customers with the best user experience. We implemented many elements of Deskera's integrated platform to replace other 3rd party systems thereby streamlining our operations and creating seamless customer experiences. Deskera has allowed us to improve scalability, manage resources more effectively, and prioritize customer satisfaction. We have seen measurable success due to our partnership with Deskera and we will be looking to take further advantage of the

Fred Smith

CEO, Disruptive Drinkware

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