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Training CollaborationLegacy

Training Collaboration Legacy

Complete high-quality training objectives on time.

Social Networking

Create groups for employees with common learning objectives and actively participate in sharing learning resources.

Discussion Forums

Create threads on any topic in discussion forums, view new posts and group threads and define forum rules. Record all posts on discussion forums and retrieve them at any point of time.

Course Calendars

Maintain multiple calendars, display scheduled lectures, tutorials, exams, as well as submission deadlines. Get a single view of schedules by workweek, day, month, or any time frame through a consolidated view of multiple calendars.

Trainer work center

It helps trainers to get a glimpse of course information, such as course schedules and the location of equipment and resources needed. Trainer suitability for courses is identified and suggested based on requirements and faculty address.

Training collaboration preview

Deskera TMS enables you to stay connected through social networking, discussion forums and more. It helps you to streamline learning tasks through effective collaboration between all users. It also eliminates communication gaps between users through effective and real-time communication using course calendars and other features. With Deskera Training Collaboration, it is easy to develop essential collaborative skills that assist in building team commitment and enhance individual performance.

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