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Comprehensive Training and Talent Management System

Deskera eTraining enables you to manage programs, content, trainers, tests, results and more with minimal navigation through unique dashboard functionalities. Deskera eTraining’s powerful scheduling and organizing tools provide an end-to-end solution for managing all training processes. Deskera eTraining helps you to plan, deliver and manage the knowledge capital of your organization.

Deskera's eTraining Software for Course Management

Course Management

Course Management can schedule training and synchronize classroom sessions, either manually or automatically, on the basis of training needs and defined rules. It also provides you with an option to set up a training structure including programs and courses. It can also specify course credit and post syllabi/assignments for all course work.

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Deskera's LMS eTraining with Training Content Management Features

Training Content Management

Create a central repository for training content with version control, archiving, and sharing capabilities. Use the drag and drop quiz creation engine that supports multiple question types, time limits, randomization, difficulty levels and more. You can also easily define sophisticated content life-cycle schedules and expiration dates.

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eTraining Software for Assessment Management

Assessment Management

Create assignments for groups or individuals with format, content and submission rules. Create quizzes from scratch using a highly intuitive quiz creation wizard. Specify multiple grading structures along with descriptions and interpretations. Define and implement grade assignments and evaluation workflows according to your organization’s norms.
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Employee Training Management Software Dashboard
Training Management System with Analytics


Help managers and employees gain insight into key development needs through employee profile reports and scorecards. Conduct skill gap analysis for individual employees enabling optimal utilization of human capital. Track progress of employees towards achievement and enable feedback for them.

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Training Management Software for Trainee Management

Trainee Management

Application forms can be designed individually for separate courses based on their eligibility requirements. Define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Capture feedback about the course design and content quality. Manage trainee work experience and educational background, along with their personal details.

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Training Management Software for Trainer Management

Trainer Management

Comprehensive information of all trainers within the training institute is maintained in the system. Manage contract documents for each trainer within the system. Comprehensive details of a trainer’s workload are maintained for each term, and workload adjustments are also facilitated in Deskera’s Trainer Management. You can also manage sabbaticals, research grants, trainer schedules, and even substitutes.

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eTraining Software for Collaborated Training

Training Collaboration

Ensure effective knowledge dissemination through extensive communication and collaboration among employees by sharing ideas, doubts, best practices, and learning contents. Deskera’s Training Collaboration system includes social networking, discussion forums, etc., for effective knowledge distribution. You can also manage your schedule using the personalized calendar.

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eTraining Software for Talent Management

Talent Management

Attract the right people and retain top performers by helping them clearly define their career paths. Analyze each employee’s current competency level with the competency required for the job. Develop and leverage the talent of your workforce, and align their individual goals with the organizational goals. Ensure appropriate knowledge transfer among teams.

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Training Management Software for Portfolio Management

Learning Portfolio Management

Develop and maintain your personalized learning portfolio. Add blocks for inserting notes, videos, links, resumes and files. Drag and drop blocks to customize your layout. Live video streaming from YouTube. Maintain multiple portfolios for different topics, courses or programs.

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eTraining Software for Training Administration

Training Administration

Manage training sessions of your organization from a single window, and maintain comprehensive information of all your trainers as well with Deskera’s Training Administration software. You can approve or reject event registrations for training by a single click and map courses to the trainer based on trainers’ skill sets. You can also assign trainer costs and measure their cost effectiveness.

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Online Training Management System for Finance Admins

Training Financial Management

Define training budget for the organization and criteria for grants allocation. Manage your training cost and track training cost utilization for different department. Set rules for refunds and monitor refunds. Allow users to apply for sponsorship and set up multiple funding methods.

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eTraining Software for Career Progression Tracking

Employee Career Progression

Manage current workforce data, allowing workforce forecasting and identifying current talent gaps. Compare training requirements to the actual competencies of employees. Establish, maintain and gain visibility into the broader talent pool of your successors.

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eTraining Software for Training Facility Management

Facility Management

Facility Management provides effective facility booking through automatic detection of resource conflicts. Save time in managing logistics, facility and resources through Deskera’s efficient Facility Management. Get a quick overview of resource usage and availability through dedicated resource calendars, and incorporate individual as well as group bookings.

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eTraining Software for Educational CRM

Educational CRM

Implement customer relationship, and sales and support processes for learners and partners, as well as other constituents of your organization’s academic environment. Incorporate modules to manage leads. Capture contact information of trainees, partners and organizations via forms published across the web. Generate intuitive reports to track lists of prospects.

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Online Training Management System with Reporting Features


Get an overall view of the training and the resulting effectiveness. Enable managers to evaluate and track the training performance of each employee. Check the training performance statistics and generate customized reports to get a clear understanding of the areas where improvement is needed. Monitor performance of employees through effective reports.

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eTraining Software for Document Management

Document Management

View and manage a repository of all training documents. Add context to documents by assigning tags and creating virtual folders for quick and intuitive storage and retrieval. Search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content. Ensure secure collaboration and information distribution through permission-based sharing.

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Training Management Software for Contact Management

Contact Management

View and manage the contact details of everyone in your network efficiently. Collaborate with your contacts through chat. Easily export your contact list to an external location in different file formats. View the profile of your contacts or drop them from your network, as and when required.

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eTraining Software with Easy-to-use Email Features

Deskera Email

Configure efficient and easy-to-use email functionality by setting up multiple online email accounts. Quickly access mail content by previewing email messages with a single click. Arrange emails in custom folders or in user-defined folders for quick access in the future. Deskera Email also allows you to communicate with your team easily.

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Online Training Software for User Management

User Management

Configure user permission guidelines easily depending on corresponding user roles and their work functions. Assign user permission to view, manage, delete, archive, import, and export in the eTraining module. Easily configure user access settings to view and manage any feature of Deskera’s eTraining. You can also make announcements for user-defined groups in the organization.

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Deskera's eTraining Software with Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Track all user activities through comprehensive Deskera eTraining application records. Audit Trail provides an audit log of parameters such as activity, username, and timestamp of all user activities. Use filters to easily search activities related to training, documents, user management, and more. Search-as-you-type allows you to quickly search through Audit Trail records.

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