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How beneficial is Deskera ERP Reseller Partners Program?

Are you a reseller looking for a way to disrupt your competition and gain market leadership? Here’s an opportunity to achieve what you have always longed for. All you need is to align yourself with the right ERP reseller partner program offered by a leading ERP solution provider. This Reseller Partner Program is open to every ERP reseller – whether a small IT reseller having your own niche in a specialized industry/market or a large established value-added reseller wanting to contribute more to your client’s enterprise.

As per Allied Market research report , the ERP software market is expected to reach $41.69 million mark by 2020. Asia-Pacific market alone is expected to be a lucrative region for ERP software solution providers with $9.77 billion market value. If you are an IT reseller then get ready to scale up your business to meet the rise in demand of ERP solutions for various verticals.

As the demand of ERP has increased there have been many IT resellers starting up every other day. So the question is how do you stand out from the crowd and have an edge over your competitors for a sustainable growth? The best way to do it is identify the futuristic technology providers and associate with them. Today, the entire world is moving towards cloud. These are exciting times for cloud-based ERP software. Solutions that can be integrated easily within the existing workflow of your client’s company and give the advantages of world class technology at an affordable price are in great demand.

It has been observed that IT solutions providers who deal in high value products like ERP software, CRM Software, Supply Chain Delivery software and other enterprise support solutions give greater benefits to software resellers under their reseller partner program. If you are interested in reselling compelling solutions or bringing a specialized cloud-based enterprise offering to the global market in record time then the Deskera ERP Reseller Partner program is definitely your destination!

Become a Reseller with Deskera

The key to earn a profitable software reseller margin is to get paid for exactly what you do or what you have done on a particular assignment. To sell cloud based ERP software you need the right suite of solutions that comes with state-of-the-art technology. If you are a Director or a Manager of an IT reseller firm, you can surely relate to the kind of support and commitment required by IT solution providers from you to create their success stories. Software reseller percentage is the first criteria for IT reseller managers to consider before partnering with any IT solutions provider and we totally do understand that. Partnering with Deskera provides the perfect combination of great products, valuable benefits with great reseller margin and outstanding support. We are totally committed to a successful symbiotic relationship for our network of Reseller Partner Program members. In other words, we would like to make sure that the program delivers exceptional value to our partners.

Deskera provides an assortment of core advertising resources that help our reseller partners reach their prospects easily. For example, you may need to use our brand logos and trademarks on different marketing materials.

Other sales and marketing support that we provide to the directors and managers of our partner reseller firms are as follows:

  • Compelling and informative presentations and marketing materials based on your content guidelines
  • Regular program communications
  • Up to date information of upcoming events such as conferences and trade shows

Technical Support

Technical issues of clients can be really frustrating sometimes for directors or managers of IT reseller firms. We at Deskera take care for our partners by not only provide pre-sales support but also post-sales support to them.

  • Providing configuration & instruction templates to help resellers deliver specific situation oriented solutions to their customers
  • Offering technical support through phone and web
  • Providing development tools to help resellers create their own value added services
  • Providing on-site or remote support for important implementation process phases like testing, migration, etc.
  • Holding technical briefings, seminars and technical documentation.

Integrating ERP with existing enterprise applications of the client is a major area of concern for ERP system integrators. In addition to the ERP solution, many companies have other systems as well such as Manufacturing Execution (MES) and data collection, quality management and process control (may be a part of MES), Warehouse Management (WMS), Transportation Management (TMS), and/or other “outside” systems.  All these systems could be beneficial if integrated with the ERP system.

Deskera ERP handles such complicated situations for system integrators with ease.  Our solution for system integrators is designed to make life of directors and managers of our partner system integration companies much better by automating the whole system integration process.

The IT hardware resellers, who are also value added resellers often serve their clients with good software solutions to add more value to their deliveries. No matter whether you are a used network equipment seller or network hardware reseller providing a cloud-based ERP solution can always add value to the contract signed between you and your client. Additionally, it also helps in building positive reputation for your hardware reselling business. Deskera ERP reseller partner program comes with great offers which can surely benefit you to take your hardware business to the next level.

Benefits of being a Deskera ERP Reseller:

  • Direct purchase and discounted software
  • High margins on license prices
  • Sales and technical training
  • Sales lead referrals
  • Sales support tools and collateral
  • Marketing assistance and joint marketing activities
  • Pre-sales and post-sales technical support
  • Pre-release news and advanced product information

Collaborating with Deskera gives you the benefits of associating with the most innovative ERP solution provider. With our 360 degree approach we assure you to be well-equipped to sell our products and provide support services to the clients. Our strategy is to invest in partner relationships to help accelerate market growth and customer outreach. To become our ERP reseller partner, contact us today!

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